Bataan White Corals Beach Resort, 2024 Travel Guide, Overnight, Rates

We finally found the Bataan White Corals Resort, suggested by Google Search and Google Maps. We judged the public photos on Facebook and we thought that it's a YES for us! This resort offers a relaxing accommodation with full access to their amazing facilities, such as the cool and artistic swimming pools, picture perfect landscape, cool ambiance, sumptuous delicacies, and many more. Plus, very friendly and polite employees.

HOW TO GET HERE: I was invited to join this travel without a formal itinerary and destination. What we're looking for is a beach resort in Bataan and that's it. Using Google Search and Google Maps, we were able to reach the other side of Bataan. We visited several resorts in the Municipality of Morong, crossing our fingers to get an available villa for our overnight stay. Already passed 4PM but we haven’t booked anything yet, so we proceeded to the next – the Bataan White Corals Resort, in Poblacion, Panibatuhan, Morong, Bataan. We felt the pressure because five cars in front of us were also waiting.
AVAILABLE ROOMS AND RATES: Finally!!!! It was our turn but upon entering the reception area, we noticed a board saying: NO ROOM AVAILABLE. At that exact moment, we felt frustrated but friendliness activated! Fully booked but the receptionist made a way for us to get one of their villas. After booking, with our belongings and food, we hurriedly proceeded to our assigned room and rested for two hours. Rates change without prior notice, please visit

WHAT TO DO, ACTIVITIES: Around 6 PM when we proceeded to the beach and witnessed the golden sunset. After the sunset, went back to the villa and had our dinner at the restaurant. Bataan White Corals Resort has an in-house restaurant that serves sumptuous foods for the visitors. There are wines, coffee, chocolate, fruit juices, and different delicacies that will suit your taste.

After dinner, we had our socials. In the end, I was the last man standing by the balcony watching a million stars, shining brightly like diamonds in the sky while my phone, on loudspeaker, playing Rihanna songs. The area of Bataan White Corals has a calm and relaxing ambiance with a cold breeze.

The next day, had our complimentary breakfast and started swimming on the seawater. The water is cool and crystal clear, thus, the underwater flora and fauna are visible. There are countless colorful fishes, starfish, friendly jellyfish, crabs and other crustaceans. After that, we headed to the pool area surrounded by beautiful landscape.

A QUICK VISIT IN MORONG CHURCH: Before leaving Morong, Bataan, we visited Morong Church or Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church. It is more than 400 years old (established in 1607) and it is one of the oldest churches in Bataan. Its structure was made from Coral stones, erected by the people of Morong under the Spanish Colonizer ruled the province.