Antarctic Expedition | A Filipino Dream

I was walking in the mall when I passed by a book sale shop. As always, I would go inside and look for something to read and buy. Reading is another thing that I practice as it nourishes my brain cells and makes me intelligent, especially writing articles for my travels. I’ve been looking for something that interests me; I am not into reading novel. What I want is about authors experience from an adventure and I found one. 

The Mammoth Book of Antarctic Journeys, edited by Jon E. Lewis; this book compiles stories and diaries of few people who had their own expedition and explored the Antarctic continent, from the eighteenth century explorer James Cook to Lynne Cox accounts in 2002. According to these explorers, the Antarctic which is the southernmost wilderness of the Earth after centuries – it also changes because of Global Warming.

This book got my attention because of its death-defying stories. While writing this post, I have read the first 16 pages of this book and it builds another part of me – dreaming to be a part of an Antarctic Expedition.