Bakun Trio: Mt. Lobo and its Misty Summit

Mt. Lobo
For our Bakun Trio, our first destination was Mt. Lobo, others call it Lubo but its local name is Patullok which means “pointed.” The trail is easy to moderate passing on the road and by the resident’s houses. Majority of the trails are well established and very open to the sun’s UV rays. Its terrain is composed of virgin forest, farmlands, and woodlands. Photos below were taken while I was walking on the trail.

According to our local guide, it’s better to start hiking early and reach the summit at around 10 or 11 AM but if not possible at least before 2PM will do. Our guide added that around 2PM, fog usually starts to accumulate in the area, creating a zero visibility and producing rains showers.

Photo above was taken before the final assault to summit. As what you can see, some parts of the trail is narrow, uphill and are concrete, with metal railing on the side for protection. The area is clean, the ambiance is cool, the air is fresh and has luscious and relaxing surroundings, but if you’re sensitive to insects and bites, insect repellent is needed.

Here we are, Batang Hamog on the viewing deck. Upon arrival on this spot, passed 2PM, fog started to accumulate and even became thicker after few minutes. We had zero visibility on the summit and the rain shower started. We stayed on top for 30 minutes and descended.

The unpredictable weather condition in Bakun making our descent on Mt. Lobo a challenging hike. The terrain became slippery and soil was sticky. If you’re planning to hike Bakun Trio and even other mountains, always do water proofing.

Our Mt. Lubo adventure was unforgettable! We were able to mingle with new people and widening our reach. If you’re already in Bakun, Benguet, hiking Lubo is a must try. It has everything you need, from relaxing and clean surroundings and gorgeous flora and fauna. You can also read -> Bakun Trio, Mt. Tenglawan and Tekip Falls.