I Fell in Love with Tekip Falls

Tekip Falls
Tekip Falls is just one of the amazing waterfalls in Bakun, Benguet. It’s a 75-80 feet waterfalls situated in one of the hidden sides of Bakun ranges. It’s a 30-45 minutes’ walk from the old municipal hall, passing on the pilapil. Tekip has crystal clear, cold and fresh waters free flowing from different parts of the mountains. Its water pressure is also perfect for the soared muscles.

What happened was, instead of hiking Mt. Kabunian, to finish the Bakun Trio, we visited Tekip falls nearby. This waterfall is still part of Poblacion but we still had our own guide as part of the regulations. See our photos below:

Honestly, with our Bakun adventure, we were fortunate with our guides; three of them were kind and smart in explaining their culture. Like the photo above, it’s a burial cave. According to them, decades ago, as part of their rich culture, caves served as the dwelling place for their love ones who passed away, like those in Sagada. But, did you know that Bakun burial caves can easily be distinguished if it belongs to a rich or a poor family?

Our Tekip guide told us, rich people can be categorized by the number of their livestock and farmlands but regardless of their economic status, rituals and ceremonies are done before and during the interment.