Boracay Island: Travel Guide, Best Places, Nightlife, Activities

Boracay Island
Boracay is a gorgeous island in Malay, Aklan, Philippines; it is special because it is described as one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. It is famous for its fine white sand, crystal clear waters, spectacular golden sunset, and remarkable water activities. Recently, I received inquiries from foreign readers on how to get here, what activities can be tried, and asking for recommendations for hotels.

As mentioned, it is famous for its fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and remarkable water activities. Not only that, there are shops selling stunning accessories and other hand-made local products. If you’re into eating distinct and mouth-watering dishes, either local or international cuisine, there are hundred of restaurant choices at Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3.

Location, How to Get Here, My Travel to Jetty Port
If you’re searching for cheap hotels, there are a lot of options on the island, but I highly suggest booking your accommodation ahead of time, especially during the summer. You can also look for promotional offers online to save more. Van transfers can be arranged by the hotel associates from the Airport to Jetty Port. Public vehicles also have their route to Jetty Port for a lesser budget. In my case, at the waiting area/parking lot, I rode in a van to Jetty Port. Travel Time: Around 2 hours. Ferry ride for 15-20 minutes. Tricycle to ORCHIRDS RESORT.

Budget and Affordable Hotels or Resort
1. Jony's Beach Resort (Station 1)
2. Seabird Resort (Station 2)
3. Greenyard Inn (Station 3)
4. Or visit My Boracay Guide, like I did.

Best Places, What To Do, Activities, Nightlife, and the Golden Sunset View
Most of the resorts offer remarkable water activities in the island; these can also be arranged by the hotel associates as part of their package. If you want to save more, just by the port and even by the beach, there are locals who are offering affordable accommodations, and tour packages. There are activities and services such as island hopping, tattoos, and etc.