PUERTO GALERA (Travel Guide, Itinerary, Things you need to know)

Puerto Galera is located in the north-westernmost part of Oriental Mindoro. If you're looking for a place with a good combination of beach and underwater experience, then, it is the perfect place for you. It has a perfect combination of fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, wealthy marine bio diversity marine, stunning sunset and night life activities. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

Puerto Galera: Guide, Itinerary, Hotels, How to get here

Photos above were taken using my Olympus Tough underwater camera. Snorkeling was the best and exciting part during our visit. The sun was hot but the water is cool while the water is crystal clear. Having said that, there's a clear, wide and amazing view of the underwater communities built by nature. Spotted were different kind of colorful fishes, anemones, star fish, sea weeds, corals in different shapes and the newly transferred giant Taklobo.

Galera is famous to its fine white sand beaches, one of these is the White Beach. It's given, the shoreline has a mixture of fine white sand, shells and corals. We were the only group in the area during our visit, thus, we enjoyed the relaxing ambiance, green surroundings while the cool and fresh air is blowing. One of the tour packages is island hopping, visitors will be brought to different spots of Galera.

Puerto Galera has a lot of commercial establishments to offer; from the wide and modern design resorts, food establishments that cater food that matches your discriminating taste, shops and many more. Price varies for every establishment but still, really expensive. In the evening there are fire dancers and performers to attract customers.

HOW TO GET HERE: Take a bus bound for Batangas Pier. Jam Liner in Camias, as well as the other transport buses on EDSA has regular trips to Batangas Pier. At the port, proceed to the ticketing office and buy your ferry tickets.

WHERE TO STAY: Searching for the cheapest yet most relaxing accommodation is much easier. There are employees from a few resort operators stationed at the port offering their services. However, the new way of finding the best and cheap resort is using your updated Google Maps mobile app. The app will give you the list of resort and hotel choices with prices, ratings, reviews, and actual photos uploaded by other tourists.

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