MANLAWI SANDBAR, Caramoan - 2020 Travel Guide

Manlawi Sandbar
Manlawi Sandbar is one of the “must visit” in Caramoan group of islands. This sandbar has an amazing shape, sometimes forming a heart, that captures most of the eyes of the tourists worldwide. However, visiting Manlawi sandbar is very crucial because it disappears during high-tide. Our bangkero knows the accurate time (12NN), so we experienced its beauty for thirty minutes.

Manlawi Sandbar

Manlawi Sandbar, Caramoan
Floating cottages by the Manlawi sandbar are available for rent. Typhoon Marce was still in Philippine Area of Responsibility but look on the crystal clear water, amazing right? Also, there are vendors offering different products like fresh seafood, coconut juice, and fruits.

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