Time to Dip in Libuacan Cold Spring

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Libuacan Cold Spring is part of our Must Visit tourist destinations in Surigao del Sur. We felt sad because the famous Enchanted River was closed due to its renovations but its fine, there will always be a perfect time for us; anyways, let’s go back to Libuacan Cold Spring. Libuacan is a river system with cold and crystalline water, free flowing, and surrounded by relaxing greens. Since the area is surrounded by trees, the ambiance is really cool and relaxing; everything seemed to be fresh.

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 Photo above is the pool where the visitors swim. The water is not that clear because of the typhoon which affects the Northern Mindanao area. But look! Not bad, right? According to the locals, during summer, because of its clarity you can easily see the rocks at the bottom of the pool which means it’s really clear.

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 Our tired muscles felt relaxed because of the water at Libuacan Cold Spring. Since the entrance is for free, expect for more people during summer, I am sure it’s perfect for the super hot hot season. If you’re already in Surigao, or at the Enchanted River, you can drop by here and enjoy the nature that Libuacan can offer.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The area is not developed, meaning there are tables and chairs but still limited. Make sure to bring your stuff since there’s no sari-sari store in the area. Stores are available by the highway.

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