Mt. Talamitam | BHM on 3rd

Our original plan was Mt. Maculot, but two days before the climb, it was changed to Mt. Talamitam in Nasugbu, Batangas. Night trekking was certainly full of fun since there was no problem with the harmful sun UV rays. Talamitam is covered with cogon grass and shrubs; no hard wood or trees that can protect the hikers from the sun rays. Its highest point measures 630+ MASL with a gorgeous ambiance on top. There's one hundred meters assault to the summit which added an amazing adventure to the hikers. Mt. Batulao and Mt. Pico de Loro were just two of the well known mountains nearby.

Our journey started at the registration area, it was around 10:30 in the evening. It was my second night trek, after Mt. Gulugod Baboy; I was not comfortable walking on the trail because I don’t like narrow and dark places but, we made to the campsite at around 1:20 in the morning. Pitched our tents. Prepared our late dinner and followed by socials until sun rise.

Most of us took a nap during sunrise while the others started preparing for breakfast and taking photos. The warm sun shine penetrated the tent cover which woke me up. I have no other option but to get out of the tent and join the others for breakfast, followed by taking group shoots, breakcamp and descent.

When we ascent, we didn't see what’s on the trail since it was too dark, but during our descent we witnessed the amazing background of Talamitam. From afar, the jagged appearance of Mt. Batulao can be seen. The trail is well established and the terrain is covered with huge cogon grass and minimal of trees. Of course, the shape of Talamitam is another factor why you need to put it in your bucket list.

Another part of our Mt. Talamitam adventure is walking by the river, with cool and crystal clear waters flowing. The tranquility and the calmness of the ambiance in the area is  remarkable. There are rock formation by the river that added a perfect view of a landscape. Since area is surrounded by relaxing greens from the grass, shrubs, fruit bearing trees and flowers. 

Ulam namin? Ayun sa likod, dalawang crispy PATA ni Ginger.
We reached the registration area at around 1 PM. Took a short break, tidy up and prepared our lunch. Left the registration area at 5 PM. We chartered a jeep going to Tagaytay Crossing for a Bulalo break at Bulalo Point.

Bulalo Point

At Bulalo Point, stories and chit-chat continues. But when our order arrived, everyone was silent. There were Bulalo, lechon, rice, beers and many more. At the rear side of Bulalo Point, there's a perfect view of Taal Volcano. Our Bulalo was hot but the wind blowing inside the restaurant was cold. This anniversary climb was remarkable and was full of laughter and fun.

How to Get Here | Our group met at the bus terminal beside MRT Taft/EDSA and took a bus going to Bayabasan. Then, had long walk to DENR, for registration and met our two guides.  Going Back to Manila | After the climb, we chartered a jeepney to Tagaytay Crossing for Bulalo break. Then, different jeepney to Olivares and rode in a Van to Alabang.