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Cucumber Benefits
We have a small farmland in the province, during rainy season we usually plant rice and string beans but during summer we plant water melon, melon, squash,  eggplant, and many other vegetables that grow without too much water; wait, I almost forgot pipino or cucumber. Among those veggies I mentioned, I usually rate cucumbers as the lowest because I seldom see them as important as the water melons and the others and usually forgot what they can give to people.

Cucumber for Skin
I am not a nutritionist, so I searched online for the benefits of the cucumbers to us. According to written by Anna Ricci, there are 10 health benefits of cucumbers. 1. Help you stay hydrated 2. Support heart health 3. Protect your brain from neurological diseases 4. Protect your skin against the effect of aging 5. Fight inflammation in the body and reduce the risk of cancer 6. Relieve Pain 7. Reduce bad breath 8. Protect your bones 9. Prevent constipation 10. Maintain healthy wait.

How to Remove Eyebags

Cucumber Salad
In the field of beauty, cucumber has a huge contribution and the benefits that they can give are overflowing. The prominent that I usually see on TV is a slice of cucumber for removing eye-bags, for a fairer skin, and anti-aging. With the health benefits that I discovered online, I will make sure to buy cucumbers every time visit the supermarket.