Balitok Ti Alicia
Balitok in Ilocano means gold, from which the festival Balitok ti Alicia drew inspiration  as they gratefully celebrate the golden era of the town of Alicia, Isabela.  Being one of the prime palay producers of the province, the festival honors rice as the  golden grains that helped this humble town, formerly called Angadanan Viejo, to become a prominent business hub in Central Isabela. It shows how its hardworking people put their heart in the tedious, muscle numbing work in the fields for the golden grains to be served on the tables for the whole year. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

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Balitok ti Alicia

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I don't have my DSLR with me, so the photos above were captured using a not so expensive action camera. This Balitok ti Alicia Festival performance was part of the Aliwan Fiesta 2017 held at the Quirino Grandstand, Manila. One of the Runners Up for Street Dance Competition.