Animasola Island, Masbate

Animasola Island
Animasola Island is one of the sun-drenched islets of Burias Group of Islands in San Pascual, Masbate. We traveled 3 hours via motorized banca from Alibijaban Island, San Andres, Quezon to witness the grandeur of nature curved on the gigantic rock, perched into the water.  Just the journey itself while crossing the sea, with the huge waves, was remarkable. Our motorized banca was like hopping on and off the huge waves. From afar, Animasola looks ordinary, the same as with the islets we've visited, however, as we were getting nearer, the view was just astounding because of its unique formation.

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After getting off the boat, a group was just starting their photo ops. So, instead of walking by the shoreline, we preferred our breakfast first. In Alibijaban, we only had coffee before leaving, so the taste of the brandy remains on our palate. We brought our own camping stove with butane gas and windbreaker, beef noodles, eggs, and cooked rice. Everything was quick; less than 30 minutes we're done with breakfast.

Animasola Islet

Darwin Dalisay
Photo by Henry Tan
When I was walking on the shore and while watching its spectacular design, a scenario happened when I was still in the first year played back in my memory. I was reporting about volcanic activity, magma, lava and types of rocks. Having said that, a huge question mark just appeared in my mind. "This Animasola islet, what type of rock is it? An igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic rock?? Or all of the above?" For real, I was really thinking that question that whole time that we were there. After seeing this oozing spot, just thought that it could be one of the most artistic islets in the country.

Alibijaban Island

Burias Island
The surface of the rock has curves and layers which captivates the  eyes of the visitors. Aside from that, in front, a small area has fine white sand which added a contrast to the dark and brown surface of the rock formations. Another asset of Animasola is the crystal clear water surrounding the islet. Photo above is a proof; our boat was like floating in the air. Underwater beauty is also a must seen. Goggles or GoPro is necessary. Since Masbate is near with the province of Albay, the perfect cone of Mt. Mayon can be seen.

To Remember:
The best time to visit Animasola is before 8 in the morning, less UV rays from the sun. Toilet and bath are available. Entrance fee: 50 pesos. Environmental Fee: 20 pesos. Banca landing fee: 100 pesos.

Contact: Ate Baby can be contacted here: 09354850349 (TM) and 09300123620 (Smart). She's very friendly and accommodating.