Tinalisayan Island
Tinalisayan Island was our second destination during our adventure from the Alibijaban Island to Burias Islands. Traveling from Animasola Island to this island takes an hour, but among the three islands we visited, this is irrevocably number one. When I jumped off the boat and landed on the shallow crystal clear water, I easily felt the relaxing feeling because the water was really cool, a contrary to the heat and UV rays from the sun. Our boat was parked by the tip of the sandbar, so walking on the long stretch of a fine and powdery  white sand, with the other visitors on their colorful swimming attire, was just awesome! This long sandbar always greet the visitors with breathtaking beauty. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

Photo by Henry Tan
On the other side of the sandbar, there's a spot with stone balancing, perfect backdrop for a groupie. The calm emerald water surrounding this island is super mega ultra clear, as in super clear! Due to its oozing clarity, underwater creatures are visible; there's a vast diversity of fishes, sea anemones, shells, crustaceans, and abundant with artistic and colorful corals and other marine lifeforms. The sound of the waves hitting the shore is one of the factors that preserves the tranquility and calm ambiance.

Photo by Henry Tan

Tinalisayan Island has a wide space, perfect for campers. According to the locals, overnight camping is allowed, but campers need to bring everything, since nothing is on the island BUT beauty. Coconuts, talisay and other trees help blocking the sun rays and providing shade in the area, making it more relaxing. This island is perfect for outing and family gathering such as picnic by the beach and swimming. We stayed here for more than an hour.

TO REMEMBER: The best time to visit this island is around 10 in the morning or before high tide. Toilet and bath are available. Entrance fee: 50 pesos. Cottages and benches are available. Sometimes, there are halo-halo vendors. Contact: Ate Baby can be contacted here: 09354850349 (TM) and 09300123620 (Smart). She's very friendly and accommodating.