Mt. Batulao Dayhike, Batangas

Mt. Batulao
Mt. Batulao is one of the famous hiking destinations in Batangas for those people searching for challenges and outdoor adventures. This mountain is another gem and pride of Southern Luzon which is 2-3 hours travel from the Manila, very accessible to both private and public vehicles. Batulao is famous because of the breathtaking view of its ranges and slopes. Its surface has an amazing shape covered with luscious and relaxing greens. Since it's just a few kilometers away from Tagaytay, which is the usual side trip, its ambience is really cool.

Travel & Hike Guide + Itinerary + Other Things You Need To Know

The Trails | Things to Remember

Mt. Batulao has a simple to moderate trail. The first part is walking on the terrain passing by the village where the artistic farmlands from afar can be seen.  These farmlands are also covered with colourful and blooming vegetables, pineapples and cultured flowers. The second part is another simple trail to Camp 2. The third is a moderate to a hard trail, with assault and roped segments, to the summit. On the side of the trail, flowers, shrubs, grass, trees, bananas and other ornaments are present.

The Campsite | Things to Remember

Camp 2 is the main campsite on Mt. Batulao. This area is clean, open, wide, and well-organized. At this area, you can directly see the highest point or the summit with the beautiful sloppy shape of Batulao on the side. Tents for rent and restrooms are available here. Entrance fees are to be collected.

Photos above were taken on the Roped Segment, with the view of the trail from Camp 2 on the background. Mt. Batulao is one of the famous mountains and the usual destination during weekends and holidays, so expect heavy traffic on the trail.

The Beautiful View on the Summit of Batulao

On the summit, there's a 360 degrees view of the gorgeous slopes and the nearby ranges. The wind is fresh, cool and so relaxing. Its surface is covered with green shrubs and trees, making it so relaxing in the eyes. The blue skies and waters create a perfect horizon with crystal bluish colors.

We traversed from the old to the new trail. I found out that it's a bit difficult to descend than ascend, for whatever reason. While the sun is setting, while on the trail, we all witnessed the sudden change of the color of the skies and felt that the temperature was getting colder. Photo above was taken while the sun was setting. Can you see how gorgeous the shape of Mt. Batulao? This scene was spectacular!

After the tiring trek, it’s time to gain eat! The usual destination after hiking in Batangas is searching for Bulaluhan. Just along Ever Crest by the highway, we rode in a jeepney bound for Tagaytay and alighted in front of Bulalo Point in Crossing.

Important Hiking Reminder

Leave No Trace. NO VANDALISM on rocks and trees. Registration fees are being collected. You can tidy up at the residents’ houses by the highway.

How to Get Here | Travel to Batangas

At Coastal Grand Terminal, we rode in a bus to Batangas and alighted at Evercrest. Then, walking on the cemented road passing by the village. Then, trek.