Alibijaban and Burias Island Contact

Alibijaban and Burias Island
Alibijaban Island and Burias Island is really a paradise! It's been three weeks when we visited these islands and I still can't move on and forget its beautiful landscape. Traveling and backpacking was remarkable because it's really long and tiring, but you will be rewarded with a picture perfect and breathtaking place. Please see photos below because  I am lacking descriptive words.

Animasola Island
It's me with the Mermaid's Lair or Animasola Island on the background.

Tinalisayan Island
Rock balancing in Tinalisayan Island

Sombrero Island
The crystal clear waters of Sombrero Island

Contact: Ate Baby can be contacted here: 09354850349 (TM) and 09300123620 (Smart). She's very friendly and accommodating.

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