Kaparkan Falls, Abra: Location, History, Entrance Fee

Social media sites and travel blogs helped Kaparkan Falls to be one of the top destinations in the North. It is situated in the Municipality of Tineg, Province of Abra, part of the Cordillera Administrative Region. Traveling from Manila to Bangued, the capital of Abra, is more than 8 hours. Plus, another 2 -3 hours off-road to Sitio Kaparkan - the jump-off of Kaparkan Falls. As I always say: "time is just a number" but the reward will be a breathtaking and a stunning body of water - the majestic Kaparkan Falls! CLICK TO WATCH MY KAPARKAN FALLS VLOG 

Kaparkan Falls has a similarity to the shape of Banaue Rice Terraces, thus, I personally call it as "the water terraces." According to the tsimis, there are a total of 200 terraces from the top to bottom. Each of the terraces or pools are filled with water, overflowing and creating relaxing sound. Plus, it is really safe to walk on the surface of the pools because the pools are covered with minerals. Please read our itinerary below:

Location, How to Get Here, Travel to Abra
We met at our favorite meeting place, Jolibee - Greenfield, Crossing. Of course, as always, HI and HELLOs are just normal. Estimated Time of Departure: 21:30. We had several stopovers by the highway but had a few hours of sleep, as a result, headache. Estimated Time of Arrival in Bangued, Abra: 0500. Our first stop was the "I Love Abra" sign. On this spot, there's a grotto, an open theatre and a wide view of the Municipality. The weather was cool and the area is almost covered with fog.

After the "I Love Abra" sign, we proceeded to Acosta Pancitan, a restaurant who serves their famous local dish, Pancit Miki na may laman. Sabi nga eh, kung walang laman yun, malamang aabutan lang kami ng bowl at kutsara, kami nalang bahala mag-isip ng laman. Their pancit miki is similar to Batangas lomi, however, they differ on the noodles. According to the tsismis again, they create and manufacture their own noodles. At ang mga spices ay kinuha pa ng mga babaeng lokal sa ikalimang bundok ng Siera Madre at ikinarga sa anim na puting birhen na mga kabayo - hahaha - syempre joke lang yun! Naisip ko lang bigla si Jang Jeum. In fairness, the consistency of the soup and the texture of the noodles are really good, the laman and the other ingredients are well cooked - so it was a YES for me. After the sumptuous breakfast, we proceeded to DPWH to register, secure the waiver and to make sakay on the military truck. Estimated Time of Departure - DPWH: 0727.

Entrance, Advantage of Joining a Tour Package
For the first hour, we traveled on the concrete road, in fast but a friendly speed. It was still in the morning, so, there were a few people walking by the highways. Then, 0837, the military truck stopped and we were instructed to take off the truck. The driver and his friends put the chains on each tires; this is the best way to fight against the slippery-ness and muddy-ness road to Kaparkan Falls. After putting the last chain, we got on the truck and the remarkable off road travel started.

Things to Remember: Trails and Difficulty
Honestly, I consider this road as the worst but the most remarkable and extra-ordinary off road travel experience in my 19 years of existence. There were two typhoons outside the Philippine Area of Responsibility this day, thus, it affected the weather condition in Luzon. Photo above describes how deep is the mud. There was a part where we need to get off the truck again because the first truck was stuck on the deep mud. We're already halfway to the falls, so we're worried if the trip will be cancelled due to this scenario, but the drivers were talented handling the scenario.

I chose to stand than sitting on the bench because I was literally a "pain in the ass." While standing and holding on iron rails, I felt the pains on my arms, legs and shoulders. Instead of focusing on the pains, I was laughing every time that I hear the harmony of the screams, mixed with the high pitch and the head tones AAAHHHHH!!! Those were music in my ears. Will be uploading the videos on my Instagram account and YouTube channel, just search for SirangLente.

Off road travel game over. At 1133, we arrived at the jump off. Next part was 15-20 minutes walk on a downhill trail to the falls. The trails are surrounded by tress and grasses that provide a relaxing ambiance. The sound of the water falling is an indication that we're almost there. Upon arrival at the area, got my camera, left my dry bag on the side and started taking photos while the tourists are still a few.

Kaparkan Falls

The Gorgeous View of Kaparkan Falls
Kaparkan Falls got the attention of many travelers because of its unique pool formation. Like I mentioned earlier, according to the tsimis, the entire waterfalls have 200 pools or terraces in different levels. On the photo above, I was wearing  Lamiran sandals, I can definitely walk fast or even run on the surface of the pool without being slipped. This is because the white surface is covered with minerals with a rough texture - which I really love.

The entire area is surrounded by trees that provide shades while the sound of the rushing water gives a tranquility in the area. Not only that, the surrounding forest areas is a sanctuary of birds and other animals. In the middle, there's a gigantic balete tree that gives a amazing backdrop while the unlimited fresh water falling from the top is cold and crystal clear - even the weather wasn't good. The pools or the terraces are irregular in shape that create a big picture of an art naturally curved by the nature.

We had our lunch the cottage by the falls when the rains started falling but the other groups can't be stopped by on taking photos - it's because Kaparkan Falls is definitely one of the top in Luzon. As much as we want to stay, however, we need to be in Bangued before the sunset. At 1445, we got on the truck and departed the jump off. We headed back passing on the same challenging road. I thought it will be the same experience, but I was wrong. The rain showers started and the cold wind blows - as a result???? Ayun, sumakit ang rayuma ko!!!

In fairness, I enjoyed the adventure when we were heading back to Bangued because I've witnessed the beauty of Abra; the artistic shapes of the mountains from afar are noticeable while the fresh cold wind blowing. When the driver stopped and removed the chains on the wheels at 1645 - it ended the "pain in the ass" adventure. Next was traveling on the concrete road to DPWH. The people in Abra are friendly, in exchange, I was smiling and waving my hands to them, like a politician having a motorcade. At 1752, we reached DPWH. Tidy up, had our dinner and headed back to Manila.

HOW TO GET HERE: By commute, you can take a bus ride to Bangued; either with Partas, Viron or Dominion bus lines. Fare: 600++ pesos for one way. Partas will pass by the DPWH, while the others are at the terminal. Then, a tricycle ride to DPWH.

REMINDER: Bring your valuables and camera in a dry bag, wear your most comfortable outfit, bring insect repellent lotion. Please note that there's no toilet and bath in the area.