Bakun Trio (Hiking Guides, Mountains, Things you need to know)

This event was an urgent decision. We met at Victory Liner Bus Terminal in Cubao and rode in a bus bound for Baguio. From Baguio City, we chartered a jeep to Bakun, Benguet. Travel time was within 4-5 hours. But before reaching our destination, we passed by different landmarks of the North, one of which was the Highest Point (photo above). The entire travel period was an adjustment period for our group and other participants.

For the first time I met Youi in a hiking event.
White on the road, most of the time I was just staring on the gorgeous surroundings. I visited Benguet several times, for different reasons but I am still astounded by its beauty. The cool temperature, the relaxing green environment that surrounds us and the beautiful patterns of the farmlands from afar were such a gift.

To add an additional breathtaking adventure, when it was already safe, four of us spent an hour on top of the jeepney. That time, I was even more amazed by the stunning landscape in the area. The shapes of the mountains, the flowers, the pine trees, and the cold breeze were mind blowing.

Arrival at Dada Poblacion, Bakun, Benguet. Processed our papers, guides and started trekking. Our first destination was Mt. Lubo, others call it Lobo, local name is Patullok which means “pointed.” The trail is easy to moderate passing by the resident's houses. The majority of the trails are well-established and open to the sun’s UV rays. Its terrain is composed of virgin forests, farmlands, and woodlands. READ: MT. LOBO

Second Day | As early as 4AM we started preparing for a bigger adventure. Among the Bakun Trio mountains, Mt. Tenglawan is the most difficult to hike because of its long terrain and assault, although its trail class and technicalities can be placed to moderate level. Tenglawan has an amazing shape, from afar (photo above). Based on how it looks and shape, this giant can be compared to Mt. Guiting-guiting in Romblon. READ: MT. TENGLAWAN

Third Day | Due to physical circumstances, our group wasn’t able to trek Mt. Kabunian, meaning we only hiked Bakun Duo. The other participants started trekking as early as 4:30AM and we continued preparing our sumptuous breakfast. After breakfast, we had time walking at the village, discovered their culture and immersed with the locals.

Our Plan B | Instead of hiking Mt. Kabunian, we visited and had our late socials by the falls called Tekip Falls, one of the amazing waterfalls in Bakun, Benguet. It’s a 75-80 feet waterfalls situated in one of the hidden sides of Bakun ranges. It’s a 30-45 minutes’ walk from the old municipal hall, passing on the pilapil. READ: TEKIP FALLS

It took us seven hours from Bakun to Baguio city. Our trip to Manila was still at 11PM, so we spent our remaining hours for a dinner to rejuvenate our bodies from the toxic and challenging trip. Good Taste was a good choice. Had rice with buttered chicken, sinigang na hipon, and crispy pata.

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