Top 8 Best Tourist Spots in Capiz: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit

Roxas City is the capital of Capiz Province – the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines” situated in Western Visayas. If you are in Panay Island, it is highly recommend visiting Roxas City to witness and experience the heritage sites in the modern generation. The province has the most controversial and awaited annual festivity in the Philippines – the “Aswang Festival.” Politically, the city is prominent because it is the hometown of the late Philippine President Manuel A. Roxas. To complete my Western Visayas list, I listed the “9 Must Visit Tourist Destinations.”

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After deplaning from a Cebu Pacific flight at Roxas City Airport, I waited for an hour at the waiting area by the airport’s entrance. I wasn’t waiting for somebody else; was using the airport’s free public Wifi reading travel blogs online. Unfortunately, the management turned the connection off, thus, I had no choice but move on – to travel to my first destination – the old Panay Church.

Panay Church

1. Panay Church

I did not accommodate those tricycle drivers offering their service at the airport. I proceeded outside the airport and asked the locals for the cheapest mode of transportation to Panay Church. They suggested to just ride in a tricycle – which I did!  From the airport main gate to the church, travel time was within 20 to 30 minutes and paid 200 pesos. From afar, I easily noticed the white gigantic dome and gray artistic facade of the church. Super Excited!!!! So, when we arrived, I easily got off the trike, paid the driver and started walking around.

What I have observed, the interior of Panay Church is not that stunning like the Manila Cathedral, or maybe because the lights were just off, but the exterior such as the walls and the facade were just eye dropping. With due fairness, the structural integrity of the church seems to okay and is properly maintained.

According to the historical marker: "Pan-ay was originally called Bamban, was established in 1572. The first church, constructed in 1774 by Fr. Miguel Murguia, was heavily damaged by typhoon in 1875. The present church was constructed in 1884 under the direction of Fr. Jose Beloso who commissioned Don Juan Reina to cast a bell for the church from seventy sacks of coins donated by the townspeople. This bill, the biggest in the Philippines, measures seven feet in diameter, five feet in height, and weighs 10,400 kilograms. By virtue of NHI Board Resolution No. 3.S.1997, this church is declared a National Historical Landmark."

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In front of Panay Church, majority of the mode of transportation is via tricycle. I rode in a tricycle to the boundary, those with “WELCOME and COME AGAIN” arc and then, another tricycle ride to the City.

2. Roxas City Museum or Ang Panublion

The tricycle driver dropped me off by the entrance of Roxas City Museum – called Ang Panublion. The museum has the collection of antiques, paintings and other work of arts, and memorabilia left by politics and culture. What’s special inside are those costumes and other personal belongings of the late President Manuel A. Roxas and those Chinese earthen wares discovered on the sunken ships on the seabed of the province.

3. Roxas City Fountain

4. Roxas City Bridge, built in 1910.

5. The Bandstand, designed by Jose S. Roldan.

6. Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral

Capiz Provincial Capitol

7. Capiz Provincial Capitol

 Just a few meters away is the City Plaza where the other heritage landmarks are situated. If you are catholic by faith, the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral in one of the well known house of worship. It is also one of the historical landmarks in Roxas City, built in 1800s. On the rotunda, there is the Roxas City fountain that is still standing, the Roxas City Bridge that traverses the Panay River. Of course, the seat of the political leaders can be found inside the capitol that has an intricate color and designs.

8. Seafood in Baybay

As mentioned, Capiz is the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, therefore, don’t forget to visit Baybay – it is similar to Roxas Boulevard in Manila. In the afternoon or during the sunset, this spot is where you can find a lot of grilled products. The area has a cool and fresh ambiance because of the sea breeze – perfect for a date! But, I was alone during my visit. From the plaza, it’s a 15 to 20 minutes travel via tricycle.

Affordable Place to Stay in Roxas City, Capiz
I booked via a cheap overnight stay at Pete’s Inn located on Washington Street, just a walking distance from the City Plaza by the Panay River.