Top 2 Best Biliran Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Biliran Tourist Spots
Biliran has a lot of stunning tourist spots and destinations to offer. Ulan-Ulan Falls and Tinago Falls are two of the famous and majestic waterfalls hiding in the mountains of the province. Naval, its capital, is now highly urbanized making it easy for travelers to discover and experience what they have. Since it has a lot of mountainous areas, the magnificence of nature is still waiting to be discovered. Not only that, they also have stunning beaches, great products, and friendly people.

Best Places to Visit and Suggested Activities in Biliran:

Day 5 – Solo-Backpacking in Region 8 | 6 Provinces for 6 Days

How To Get Here: 

My Day 4 was at Amandaraga Falls, in Lawaan, Eastern Samar. The same day, from Tacloban City, I traveled three hours to Naval, spent overnight and the next day was my Day 5. Via air, from any point in the Philippines, the airports in Tacloban City and Ormoc City are the nearest where you can take a ride to Naval. To visit the tourist spots and destinations in Biliran, I contacted Kuya Fernando as my guide and a habal-habal driver. He can be contacted on 09073283676.

1. Ulan-Ulan Falls, Almeria

Ulan-Ulan falls in situated in the Municipality of Almeria, Biliran, 40 minutes to an hour motorcycle ride from Naval. This majestic waterfall has an easy to access and concrete roads, passing by the residents’ houses. The next part is a downhill trail to Ulan-Ulan falls. Concrete pathways and railings were constructed to avoid accidents. I can’t hide the fact that the people are friendly and approachable, thus, no worries about the language barrier. Environmental fee of 20 pesos will be collected.

 Ulan-Ulan falls got its name from the Filipino word “ulan” or “rain in English” because of the mist created by the pressure of the water falling. The area is surrounded by luscious greens, such as trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants that create a relaxing ambiance and great tranquility. By the waterfall, there are gigantic and artistic rock formations that serve as a gorgeous backdrop. Not only that, the water falling created a circular pool that serves as a catch basin of the cool waters. Ulan-ulan falls is definitely one of the top destinations in Biliran.

2. Tinago Falls, Caibiran, Biliran

After Ulan-ulan falls, still on a tricycle ride, we proceeded to Tinago Falls – one of the most scenic waterfalls in Biliran, situated in the Municipality of Caibiran, another forty to an hour travel from Naval. Tinago falls is a bit commercialized because of the concrete structures built for visitors, a few meters away from the falls but its natural beauty is still preserved.

Tinago falls got its name from the Filipino word “tinago” which literally translates to “hidden” in English. Well, it is not hidden anymore because its breathtaking beauty already captured the eyes and attention of countless tourists and visitors. The Tinago Falls area is surrounded by enormous rocks and boulders with trees on the side. During my visit, the water was crystal clear and the pressure of the water falling was perfect for a whole-body massage. By the way, no one collected any fees and mobile signal is available in some parts. Other waterfalls in Biliran that can be visited are the Recoletos Falls and Condol Falls.

Biliran Backpacking Budget Summary:

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Rates, Budget Friendly and Affordable Place to Stay in Biliran:

TJ Pensione is one of the cheapest hotels in Biliran and it is situated in the center of Naval; in front of Jollibee and few meters away from Grand Tours, Van Van’s, UV Express and other transport terminals. TJ Pensione is not like your star-garnered-hotels, but they have an organized and clean room and toilet and bath. I spent 475 pesos for an overnight stay in an ordinary room, with a king size bed, cable TV and fan.