Ulan-ulan Falls
It's very seldom to hear about the province of Biliran; without googling it, you will definitely not see the beauty hiding in this island province. Situated in the Municipality of Almeria, Ulan-Ulan Falls is one of the majestic waterfalls hidden in the wide forested areas of the province. It's name was derived from the Filipino word “ulan” or “rain” because of the mist created by the pressure of the water falling. There's a cool and crystal clear waters while the area is surrounded by luscious greens which preserves the relaxing ambiance.

Ulan-Ulan Falls

Tourist spots in Biliran

tourist destinations in Biliran

tourist attractions in Biliran
The water falling created a circular pool that serves as a catch basin of the cool waters. By the pool, there are gigantic rock formation that are picture perfect. Ulan-ulan falls is definitely one of the top tourist spots and destinations in Biliran.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION | Visiting Ulan-ulan falls and other tourist destinations in Biliran is easy. I got Kuya Fernando's contact number online, he offers habal-habal tour around Biliran. We were txt mates before my backpacking and I thought he is friendly and accommodating tour guide. No language barrier. He can be contacted on 09073283676.

BUDGET AND EXPENSES: Van Grandtours from Tacloban City to Naval: 120 pesos. TJ Pensione: 47 pesos. Foods: 250 pesos. Habal tour: 1000 pesos. Environmental Fee: 20 pesos.

HOW TO GET TO ULAN-ULAN FALLS, BILIRAN | Via air, you can catch a flight with Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines to Tacloban City. From the airport, ride a taxi or jeepney to Grandtours (near SM) or Duptours Terminal. The terminals are well-known, so if you're lost, ask the locals, drivers or guards. The people in this region are really accommodating.

WHERE TO STAY IN BILIRAN: I stayed at TJ Pensione, one of the cheapest hotels in Biliran and it is situated in the center of Naval; just in front of Jollibee and few meters away from Grand Tours, Van Van’s, UV Express and other transport terminals. TJ Pensione is not like your five star hotels, but they have an organized and clean room and toilet and bath. I spent 475 pesos for an overnight stay in an ordinary room, with a king size bed, cable TV and fan.

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