Top 2 Best Tourist Spots in Catanduanes: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

During our backpacking in Bicol, Catanduanes is the hardest province to penetrate because it's an island province. Dubbed as "The Happy Island," the province hides a few spectacular and breathtaking tourist spots and destinations which can make you "happy" and stunned. Lately, the province is getting more attention in social media sites because of stunning photos of Binurong Point, Puraran Beach, and the other attractions.

1. Puraran Surf Beach Resort

We arrived in Puraran Surf Beach Resort at around 1:50 PM. Upon arrival, we stunned by the landscape and the sand by the beach (photo above). Settled our accommodation and headed to our room. We got a clean fan room with queen size bed for only 450 pesos. Toilet and baths are common. Rested. Showered. Changed outfit. Tin washed her used clothes using Surf powder and I went to the beach for photo ops.

tourist spots in Catanduanes

Puraran Surf Beach Resort has a long stretch of fine white sand shoreline, though, there are parts with pebbles and stone. Since the area is facing the Pacific Ocean, the waves are strong and higher than the normal beaches - perfect for surfing. By the beach, there are rock formations which are perfect as backdrop for photo ops. The area is surrounded by hardwood trees and coconuts while the sea breeze is cool and refreshing. There are cottages and kubo for rent, and other services such as surf board for rent and surfers as instructors.

2. Binurong Point

We contacted Kuya Arthur at 3 PM to visit Binurong Point. It was 30 to 40 minutes travel from Puraran arch to the jump off of Binurong Point. The highway was concrete but the road to the jump off isn't. Settled the entrance fee and met Ate Ason, our guide. The next part was a 40 minutes to an hour trekking. The trekking is composed of an uphill and downhill terrain, passing by the private lots with trees, coconuts, banana, abaca and other plants. At 4 PM, we stepped on Binurong Point, photos below:

Based on the reviews, Binurong Point is considered as the top tourist destinations in Catanduanes. Others call it as the "Batanes of the East" because of its feature similar to the rolling hills of Batanes. Binurong has points 1, 2 and 3 - all can be accessed by the tourist. Wherever points you're on, the artistic rock formation by the cliff and the big picture of nature's beauty can be witnessed. Plus, the sound of the waves hitting the rock formations were relaxing. What to expect? The whole area is open and nothing can block the UV Rays. It was around 5 PM when we left Binurong Point.

Our plan was to proceed to Balacay Point but it was already 5:30 PM, so the plan was aborted. Instead, we checked the items at the souvenir shops by the jump off. Headed back to the gate of Puraran Beach. Had dinner at the carinderia with the view of the golden sunset. Then, Kuya Arthur brought us back to Puraran Surf Beach Resort. Settled the fare. Headed to the room. Showered. Changed outfit. Then, had an ice cold beer. Rested.

The next day was the challenging part. #AMAZINGRACE ang peg. We had our breakfast at the carinderia when we found that the buses from Virac, Tabaco and Legaspi City to Manila, ordinary to deluxe, for the next 3 days, were fully booked, so we panicked! Our plan was to have a Virac tour for that day but the plan was aborted.

When the decision was made, we hurriedly went back to the room. Packed up. Tidy up. Checked out and proceeded to the highway. Rode in a van and alighted at the terminal beside Virac Port. We immediately proceed to the ticketing office and fell in line thinking that we'll get tickets but we were wrong - they stopped issuing tickets as ordered by the coast guard to avoid overloading.

We  need to be in Manila in 48 hours. So, that moment, our first goal was to leave the island. Second goal, once arrived in Tabaco City, we'll find a way to travel to Manila, sabi nga ng BDO "We find ways!"

Ferry from Virac to Tabaco Port - negative. Another option was a ferry from San Andres Port to Tabaco Port. It was 12:10 PM when we rode in a tricycle to San Andres Port but we were making habol the last trip at 1 PM. Immagine the pressure that we felt while traveling. Fortunately, we were able to get ferry tickets and we sailed happily - first goal - DONE!

Second goal - to travel back to Manila. Upon arrival at Tabaco Port, we rode on a padyak to Tabaco City bus terminal. Ran to the ticketing office for us to find that hundred of passengers were already falling in line and waiting for the ticketing officer to issue tickets, as mentioned, buses to Manila were fully booked. That time, we depended on the dispatcher's word: "may mga buses pang parating ng alas dyes." 10 PM came and no bus came. We still depended on the dispatcher's word: "makakasakay kayo lahat, diko hahayaang di kayo makasakay within 24 hours." Crossing our fingers and crossing our legs while sitting on the ground, kasi nakaka-pagod and we were sleepy. We were all running back and forth everytime there were buses comming. Almost 12 midnight when an airconditioned bus arrived. Same drill, we ran just to get a seat which ended our struggle. Since it was a special trip, we paid 1,200 pesos from Tabaco to Turbina. Then, rode a bus to Cubao.

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Itinerary, How to Get Here, Our Travel to Tabaco Port

In Tabaco Port, we bought ferry tickets to San Andres Port. Travel time was within 3-4 hours. In Andres Port, we chartered a tricycle to the terminal beside Virac Port. Travel time: 40 minutes to an hour. Rode in a van bound to Gigmoto but alighted by the gate of Puraran Beach. Had our lunch at the carinderia beside the gate. We were approached by Kuya Arthur, a trike driver for a trike tour to Binurong Point. Since we don't have contact yet, we accepted his 500 pesos offer. After lunch, using his trike, Kuya Arthur brought us to Puraran Surf Beach Resort. Left his contact number: 09369373645 to us and he went back to the carinderia.

HOW TO GET HERE: Via air, Cebu Pacific has a direct flight to Virac while Philippine Airlines has regular trips to Legaspi Airport. Via land, there are bus lines with direct route from Manila bound for Virac. Your can check and book your tickets via Easybus Ph facebook page. Or, you can visit Another option is via Isarog Facebook page.

Where to Stay, Affordable Place

We stayed at Puraran Surf Beach Resort. For only 450 pesos, we got a standard fan room, of course with a fan, queen size bed, with a common toilet and bath. Reservation is possible via BDO fund transfer. You can visit Puraran Surf Beach Resort facebook page.