Alubihod Beach, Guimaras

Alubihod Beach, Guimaras
After Trappist Monastery, we headed to Alubihod Beach in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. Traveling to this gorgeous beach via habal is easy because the roads are all concrete. I was welcomed by the courteous staff of Raymen Beach Resort. Settled the entrance fee and walked to the beach area. Though the shoreline is not white as Boracay Island and Anguib Beach in Cagayan, Alubihod Beach is pretty in its own way. The picturesque is instagram worthy because of the rock formation highlighted by the creamy white sand with corals and pebbles. The ambiance by the beach is relaxing because of the sea breeze is cool.

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Alubihod Beach

Location, How to Get Here, Travel to Guimaras

The nearest airport in Guimaras is in Ilo-Ilo City. From the airport, take a cab to Parola Port (the gateway to Guimaras). Since I stayed in Ong Bun Pension House, I followed the instructions provided by the guard. Just two blocks away, I rode in the jeepney with ARU/GPU signboard and alighted by the entrance of Parola Port, for a minimum fare. Then, bought a ferry ticket bound for Guimaras Wharf. The dock and go of the ferries are continues every 30 minutes. The travel time from the port to Guimaras is only 15 minutes.

Contact Person, Day Tour Guide

One of the recommended habal driver/tour guide in Guimaras is Kuya Stephen. You can contact him on Ph: 09953494196.

Room Rates, Budget Friendly and Affordable Place to Stay

As mentioned, I stayed in Ilo-Ilo City, but I found a great resort with a great ambiance by the beach. It's Raymen Beach Resort along Alubihod Beach, Nueva Valencia. For reservation, they can be contacted on ph: 09185207271.