Mimbalot Falls, Iligan City: 2024 Travel Guide

Mimbalot Falls
Travelling to Mimbalot Falls is easy as it is the most accessible waterfall in Iligan City. It is not grand compared to Tinago Falls but its landscape is also picture-perfect. The area is surrounded by greens and the wind blowing is cool and fresh. In addition to the picture is the rock formation that adds more drama to the frame. Anyways, the water is cool and fresh plus the current is very strong. Rainbows are formed when the sunshine reflects on the droplets of water. The sound of the waterfalls is relaxing and can make your day a "lazy day." Beside Mimbalot is a private resort with a pool and beautiful landscape, perfect for family gatherings.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION TO MIMBALOT FALLS: Though it's more pricey, I chose a habal-habal tour around Iligan City because it's more fun than commuting. Not only that, for four hours, you can visit the other attractions in the city, such as Maria Cristina Falls, Tinago Falls and Paseo de Santiago. Plus, the driver/tour guide will bring you to the cheapest place to stay and recommend some of the best places to eat.

MY TRAVEL TIP: USE YOUR GOOGLE MAPS. Your Google Maps app uses your network provider to detect your current location, regardless if you're moving or still. On the search section, just type "Mimbalot Falls" and the app will give you its exact location, reviews and photos given by the other users. If you're moving, Google Maps will also give your current location and your distance to your destinations. And don't forget, LIKE my Mimbalot falls review and photos on Google Maps.

Online, while at the exit of the airport, en route to Iligan City, I got Juna's contact number. Her husband and brother-in-law are habal driver/tour guide. She's very friendly, you can contact her on Ph: 09164092622.

From Manila or other part of the Phillippines, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and other carriers have regular trips to CDO airport. By the airport's entrance, ride in a van or bus bound for Iligan City.

I stayed at D'Morvie Suites (Iligan City) for only 448 pesos for 24 hours. The room has a flat-screen TV, AC, toilet with shower, and WiFi (though it is very slow). PROS: D'Morvie Suites is that the building is new, clean, affordable and accessible (by the highway). CONS: My room is not spacious and the condensed moisture from the AC's are falling on the floor by the hallways (DELICADO). The D'Morvie Suites in Iligan City has modern interiors and it's better than the D'Morvie Suites in Davao City. For a person on a tight budget like me, overall - it's a YES for me!