Top 6 Best Tourist Spots in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato: 2024 Itinerary

The hidden beauty and charm of Lake Sebu, in South Cotabato, are hard to resist. For sure, it is one of the "traveler's bucket lists." Also, their culture and traditions are not just being preserved, these are still intact and still being practiced. With the natural wonders, culture and traditions combined, this paradise was recognized by UNESCO as a cultural landscape.

1. Lotus Farm, top tourist spot in Lake Sebu

Early in the morning, while the cold wind is blowing, I was brought to the Lotus Farm. we visited this spot at around 6 in the morning to witness the blooming of the Pink Lotus flowers floating on the waters of the lake. According to my guide, initially, there were 3 types of Lotus Flower planted but only the pink ones survived. A manual canoe is used to go to the spot of the Lotus flowers. Entrance fee is free but the canoe is 200 pesos.

2. T'Boli Museum

It was followed by the T'Boli Museum. During our visit, it was still closed but Jorie had it opened for us. The architecture of the museum is also based on traditional houses. What's inside are the gongs used for different occasions, outfits made of T'nalak (a hand-woven fabric), accessories and many other antiques that were used by the locals for agriculture.

3. I Love Lake Sebu Signboard

4. Seven Falls

The 7 Waterfalls and Zipline is probably one of the most visited spots. It is where visitors can strike a pose wearing a T'nalak with the Hiking Alu or Falls 1 in the background. If you want something thrilling, try the zip line and witness the beauty of the rest of the waterfalls. Souvenir shops and food stalls are available in the area.

5. T'nalak Weaving

A special visit to the house of Lang Dulay, a former National Living Treasure awardee for the T'nalak weaving, was an honor. By the way, T'nalak is a traditional hand-woven fabric made from refined abaca fiber. This type of fabric got attention worldwide because it is done through a manual process but the finished product has amazing and unique patterns that are usually based on Lang Dulay's dream - the reason why she was called the "Dreamweaver."

6. Evelandia Lake Vista

Our last destination was Evelandia Lake Vista. It is the perfect place to relax because there is a clear and wide view of the lake, with the mountains and farmlands in one frame. It is a relaxing spot because it is surrounded by luscious greens and the breeze is cool. If you're lucky, you will see people paragliding. Paragliding is definitely a must-try. To know more, you can contact 09327694156, 09177121868 and 09285247349.

Contact Person: Jorie Untang Sabal
Ph: 09058240725
Walk-in is fine because there's a tourism booth at the terminal and they will be assigning a habal driver/guide for you.

If you're into hiking and camping, you should visit Lake Holon. If you're into discovering the rich culture of the province, you can visit the town of T'Boli.

The General Santos City airport is the gateway, though, it's 1 to 1.5 hours travel time. At the parking area by the airport, take a van to Bulaong Terminal, then, another van ride to Lake Sebu.

SLT Homestay

There are a few choices of places to stay, just search online or Google Maps. I always wanted a unique experience, so I stayed at the prominent SLT Homestay, just 5 minutes from the terminal. For an overnight stay, I paid 350 pesos with a free breakfast. This place is searchable on Google Maps. You can contact them on 09354569359.

The architecture of SLT Homestay is based on the cultural wooden houses in the area; has a spacious interior, made of local and handcrafted products and musical instruments. Anything inside the house are unique. Maybe it's the reason why it was chosen as the place where Catriona had her video shoot for Miss Universe. Anyways, I learned something very very important, to show respect and as a common courtesy, sleepers and shoes are left outside, like the Japanese and Korean. READ: 9 Days Solo-Backpacking in Sarangani Province, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, North Cotabato, Surigao del Norte, Dinagat Islands, Agusan del Sur, and Davao City.