Inasakan Beach, Occidental Mindoro

Inasakan Beach

This is my short solo-backpacking guide to Inasakan Beach.

Inasakan Beach is one of the paradises in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. Upon getting off the boat, I was stunned by the texture of the sand and it’s definitely the top 1 or top 2 of the finest sand I’ve ever seen so far, competing with Bitaog Beach in Dinagat Islands. Maybe 200 to 300 meters long, this small stretch of fine white sand greets all visitors with its perfect panoramic view of the mountains, coconuts, quaint cottages, bamboo, and other greens that preserve the tranquility in the area. Of course, the beach cannot be complete without the calm crystal clear water. WATCH MY VIDEO 

HOW TO GET TO INASAKAN BEACH: Travelling to Inasakan Beach is easy via air. Cebu Pacific has daily trips from Manila to San Jose Airport (SJI). Travel time is an hour and 15 minutes. At the airport, there are tricycles that can bring you to Sikatuna Beach, where our journey started. We departed the shoreline of the mainland at around 8 AM and arrived at our destination at 9:20 AM. If my Math is correct, that’s an hour and 20 minutes. It was a sunny day! There were a total of 6 people on that huge boat and it travelled smoothly on the calm water. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the caretaker. Settled the entrance fee and relaxed in a cottage. Thanks, Jeff, April, Te Cora, and Reina for the food.