Quirino Top 5 Best Places to Visit + Travel Guide

Quirino tourist spots
Quirino is the 81st of 82 provinces in the Philippines I’ve visited. Despite the fact that the province has 6 municipalities, it offers a lot when it comes to nature’s beauty and adventure. Since it’s land-locked, some of the best things to do are spelunk to discover the stunning minerals inside the caves, get wet on the crystal clear waters by river tubing, enjoy the beauty of majestic waterfalls, and taste their local delicacies. CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY VIDEO

Quirino Province: List Top Tourist Attractions, How to Get Here, and Other Things You Need to Know.

1. Visit Ganano Falls, Diffun

Trekking to Ganano Falls makes the event a bit extreme. The trails are surrounded by trees, shrubs, bamboo, and other greens so the trek was relaxing. Not only that, there are flowers and butterflies making our journey colorful. After an hour, we were rewarded with a tantalizing view of the waterfalls. The tranquillity is preserved because of the trees. There are gigantic rock formations and towering limestone cliffs. It’s a paradise.

2. Visit Quirino Provincial Capitol, Cabarrouguis

3. Witness the Beauty Inside Aglipay Cave

4. Enjoy the exciting Governor's Rapids.

Governor’s Rapids in Maddela is definitely one of the most visited tourist destinations in Quirino. It is part of the Cagayan River, the longest river system in the Philippines, so natural beauty and rock formations can be found here. You can’t leave the province without trying its own version of water tubing and rafting. Hearing them shouting while holding onto the tube is proof that they are enjoying it, hhmm, maybe. Other parts of the tour are hidden falls, a cliff jump, and a Tarzan swing.

Quirino Province Tourist Spots

5. Sight Seeing on Landingan Viewpoint

Another top destination in the province is Landingan Viewpoint, a colorful place in Nagtipunan. Situated on top of the hill, this area became prominent because of its vibrant and stunningly beautiful flowers. There’s a wide view of the province, including the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. 

Enjoy Quirino's local delicacy called Pancit Cabagan at MJ.

After the tiring journey, it’s time to feed our stomachs. Tubikoy is the most unique delicacy in the province. It’s a combination of tubig, bibingka, and tikoy. Aside from its mouthwatering taste, what I love about this deli is the toasted part on the side that gave me some sort of crunchiness. Second is the Pancit Cabagan, historically, it originated in Cabagan, Isabela, because of its unique taste, the flavor travelled to its neighbouring province such as Quirino.

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