Top 14 Best Tourist Spots in Sorsogon: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

1. The Pink Beach or Subic Beach

We arrived at the Pink Beach, also called as Subic Beach, at around 11:30 AM. At first, I was excited because from afar, we easily recognized the long stretch of white sand shoreline with quaint cottages and tourists sun bathing. As we were getting nearer and nearer and nearer by the shoreline, what we were seeing are boats parked by the beach. There were children and other tourists who were swimming in between the boats - that scene was not so picture perfect. Instead of mingling with the crowed, I and Tin proceeded to area with less people.

2. Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary is a lagoon, very obvious on its name right? The water in the lagoon is crystal clear that serves as the sanctuary of colorful underwater creatures, such as the gigantic Lapu-lapu and other fishes. As part of the environmental protection, wearing sun screens, sun blocks and even GoPro are prohibited. The sea breeze is cool and the mangroves surrounding the area serve as a perfect landscape and backdrop.

3. Mt. Bulusan

4. Bulusan Volcano Natural Park

5. Panumbagan Sandbar

6. Whale Sharks Encounter in Donsol 

7. Mt. Pulog

8. Dancalan Beach

9. World War II Japanese Tunnel

10. Museo Sorsogon

11. St. Joseph Parish

12. Irosin Hot Springs

13. Paguriran Island and Lagoon

14. Tikling Island