Top 12 Best Tourist Spots in Davao Oriental: 2024 Itinerary

1. Mt. Hamiguitan Range

Mount Hamiguitan is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Philippines because it is the home of thousands of flora and fauna. Some are endemic or can only be found on the terrains of this mountain. Not just the richness of its bio-diversity, its mountain range showcases the spectacular and breathtaking natural beauty at its finest. Because of that, it was declared as a sanctuary by virtue of R.A. 9303. With its natural wonders, it was also included as one of the ASEAN Heritage Parks. In 2014, this mountain was added to UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. Read: Mt. Hamiguitan

2. Dahican Beach, Mati

3. Aliwagwag Falls, Cateel

4. San Victor Island

5. Welcome Park, Banaybanay

6. Sunrise Boulevard, Banganga

7. Subangan Museum

8. Cape San Agustin

9. Puson Point

10. Sleeping Dinosaur Island

11. Campawan Curtain Falls

12. Cinco Masao Beach Resort