Mt. Banahaw | Holy Mountain

Mt. Banahaw
Mt. Banahaw is the Holy Mountain, in the Philippines, situated in the beautiful province of Quezon. In terms of altitude, Mt. Banahaw is one of the highest mountains in Southern Luzon. Nowadays, flooding and soil erosion is one of the huge problems in mountainous part of the country as it destroys livelihood, assets and even life. Our hike on Mt. Banahaw focused on planting more trees to prevent soil erosion resulting to flooding in the metro. According to DENR, the numbers of forest areas in the country lessen because of illegal activities, like illegal logging and kaingin farming.

Mt. Banahaw
Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal are very close to each other; they even have the same jump off in Brgy. Kinabuhayan. But Banahaw is not always open for the hiking, approved permits and guides are needed unlike Cristobal which is always open to all hikers.

Mt. Cristobal
   We got 22 Narra seedlings from the DENR.

Tree Planting
  This is my Narra tree; I know it will survive

Holy Mountain
Mt. Banahaw is always close; so rainforest is still untouched

Mt. Banahaw

We reached the summit with NO CLEARING, just a thick fog with a strong cold wind. We stayed there for an hour, had our lunch while hoping for a clearing, but our hearts were broken. NO CLEARING at all. After lunch, we left the summit and we started descent. The trails were challenging, because we were walking on the trail that also serves as the trail of the horses which transports vegetables from the mountain to the village. The soil eroded and the mud was really thick and sticky.

Beaches in Quezon

Holy River
 After the challenging and tiring hike, we proceeded to the Holy River, took a rest and submerged into the cool, crystal clear and refreshing water.

This mountain is still close!