To plant more trees, that's our main purpose of our hike. We chose Mt. Banahaw because we want to see and preserve its hidden and majestic beauty. Though, it is hard to trek due to its terrain that is on a rain-forest, it is one of the must hiked mountains because it has healthy biodiversity, both plants and animals. Dubbed as the "Holy Mountain," this giant bears a trail with a very calm ambiance. Reaching the summit and heading back to the jump off can give you lifetime and unforgettable experience. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL
THE TRAILS: This mountain is considered as a rain-forest, so the terrains are always wet creating a wealthy ecosystem which preserves the wildlife. However, the terrains also serve as a planting ground of the farmers while the forest is one of their primary source of fruits and even hardwood (not allowed). To transport their goods, they use horses, carabaos and cows which made which made the trails muddy and slippery.

THE SUMMIT: We reached the summit with NO CLEARING; the area is surrounded with a thick fog while the cold wind blows. We stayed on the summit for an hour hoping for a clear view, however, nothing has changed. Again, NO CLEARING.

SIDE TRIP IN KINABUHAYAN RIVER: After the tiring hike, the perfect side trip should be a cool and relaxing body of water. Kinabuhayan River, this river is said to be holy, so there are groups who are worshiping inside the caves, Sta. Lucia falls and other parts. For me, it's a perfect place to relieve everything and enjoy the nature's goodness.

This mountain is still close FOR HIKING.