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Mt. Banahaw, Quezon

Mt. Banahaw

Mt. Banahaw is an active complex volcano located in Quezon Province. To plant more trees, that's our main purpose of our hike. We chose this mountain because we want to preserve its hidden and majestic beauty. Though it is hard to trek due to its terrain which is a rainforest, it is one of the must hiked mountains because it has healthy biodiversity, both plants and animals. Dubbed as the "Holy Mountain," this giant bears a trail with a very calm ambiance. Reaching the summit and heading back to the jump-off can give you a lifetime and unforgettable experience.


According to the locals, Pulong Pasig or Pasig Island is one of the tourist spots in Quezon province awaiting to be discovered because during low tide, a very long sandbar appears, as in, super long, as in, one of  the longest sandbars in the Philippines. Though the sand is beige, it has a mixture of small corals, gray sand, and some little crustaceans running back and forth. By the way, according to our boatman, the island is now private and no trespassing. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

Alibijaban Island, Burias Island: Travel Guide, How to Get Here

Alibijaban Island
Alibijaban Island and Burias Island are two beautiful islands in Quezon and Masbate, respectively. Traveling to these places is time-consuming travel but you'll be rewarded with breathtaking beauty. The island has a fine white sand shoreline with trees, bangcas, and local cottages. Mixed on the fine white sand are small living crustaceans and sea shells, and more sea shells by the seashore. The cool emerald crystal clear water is rich with underwater bio-diversity, such as fish, colorful starfish in different sizes and appearances, and many more.

Borawan Island, Quezon

Borawan Island
Borawan Island, a small island with a stretch of fine white sand shoreline, surrounded by crystal clear waters, cool and relaxing ambiance and amazing rock formation. It's name is the combination of Boracay, for its fine white sand, and Palawan because of the rock formation. A few years ago, this island once became a phenomenal island in the province because of its beauty.


Today, just noticed that the weather is changing from cool to a warm humid air - a proof that summer is almost here. To help you, I listed 14 best and must visit and destinations in the Philippines. First, the world famous Boracay Island. It is listed as one of the best beaches in the world according to the travel agencies, websites, blogs, magazines and other people’s reviews. The shoreline has fine white sand, the waters are crystal clear, cool and fresh air and there's a lot of activities to choose from. READ: BORACAY ISLAND GUIDE | 

Best Island to Visit Near Manila

Using "near Manila" is really hard to define; can eight to ten hours land travel be considered as near? Well, travel time are just numbers, for sure, you will be rewarded with a remarkable experience and spectacular and world class tourist spots. I listed down these stunningly beautiful islands we visited from January to June 2018 and it's up to you to see and experience how gorgeous they are. 


Niyogyugan Festival
From the  words, “niyog” and ”yugyog,” the Niyogyugan Festival  combines all the colourful fiestas of Quezon Province like the “Pahiyas” of Lucban, “Arana’t Baluarte” of Gumaca, “Tagultol” of Atimonan, “Maubanog” of Mauban and others. A province-wide celebration that celebrates the “Tree of Life,” Niyogyugan pays tribute to the coconut industry’s glorious past, which bore fruit in the form of lambanog distilleries, oil millers, heritage houses, and the vast resort-plantations. NIYOGYUGAN FESTIVAL was created to move, shake and bring back the vigor and dynamism of the industry and to promote the products, places, the talent and creativity of Quezonians. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website


Mt. Cristobal

Mt. Cristobal is one of the famous mountains in Luzon because of the the countless stories, rumors and legends about "ghost" and other extra terrestrial events. As a result, the title "devil's mountain" was given to this pride of Quezon. Aside from those, Cristobal also hides an amazing terrains, surrounded with a dense forest areas. There are mosses, ferns and orchids hanging on the branches, a proof that this wildlife sanctuary is still preserved. Also, the ambiance and weather is cool because its stands 1,470 MASL.

Top 8 Tourist Spots to Visit in Quezon Province: 2024 Itinerary

Quezon is one of the provinces near Manila with a lot to offer; either mountains, water and historical landmarks. Accessibility is not a problem because transportation is much easier plus the travel period is within 2 to 3 hours. Here are some of the must-visit tourist spots and destinations in Quezon province.

Island Hopping: Dampalitan, Borawan and Puting Buhangin

The Province of Quezon is one of my favorite provinces in the Philippines because of its gorgeous and stunning beaches that can be considered as on of the top tourist attractions and destinations in the region. Aside from that, they also have the colorful Pahiyas Festival and sumptuous pancit hab-hab. A few of the gems can also be found on higher altitude of Mt. Banahaw – the Holy Mountain and Mt. Cristobalthe Devils Mountain. Now, for the third time, I am visiting the three of the fine-looking islets of Padre Burgos, Quezon.

Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas, Quezon Province

This generation, in just one click, you can easily see what to expect from a certain spot. Online, we found an itinerary for Kwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin. Its beauty was intriguing because of its fine white sand shoreline, crystal clear waters and the ambiance seems to be relaxing. Situated in Padre Burgos, a four to five hours land travel from Manila, this destination is considered as one of the gems of the province of Quezon.


Dampalitan Island
Dampalitan Island is another top destination in Quezon province. It captured the eyes of so many travelers because of its fine white sand shoreline, crystal clear waters and stunning sunset. Its name was derived from Dampalit or "shoreline purslane" in English (Sesuvium Portulacastrum) which is a type of a perennial herb that grows in the coastal areas throughout the world, which is also visible in this Island.  According to the caretaker, they can actually create a sumptuous salad out of this herb.

Borawan and Dampalitan Island: A travel guide

Borawan Island is a small islet located in Padre Burgos, in Quezon Province. According to the caretaker I spoke to , the name of the islet was give by Father Vargas who discovered the islet. This islet is made up of a large stone in irregular shape, covered with grass and trees.

Cagbalete Island, Quezon: 2024 Travel Guide, Resort, How to Get Here

Cagbalete Island
In Nilandingan Cove, Cagbalete Island, we celebrated our 9th anniversary. Though, it's a 4-5 hours land travel from Manila, we chose this cove because we thought it has a big picture of beauty at its finest. From afar, we were greeted by the long stretch of fine white sand shoreline with the greens on the side. Upon arrival, we discovered that this paradise is not just about the shoreline, it also has crystal clear and cool waters, lovely cottages, and relaxing ambiance.

Best Travel Destinations in the Philippines

Traveling to the best tourist attractions and destinations in the Philippines for the past twelve months is definitely rewarding. I was able to meet a lot of people from different provinces with different cultures and beliefs. The unique and explainable excitement that I feel every time I create my travel guide and itinerary always results in an exquisite experience. Thank you for all your support!

Alibijaban and Burias Island Contact

Alibijaban Island
Alibijaban Island and Burias Island is really a paradise! It's been three weeks when we visited these islands and I still can't move on and forget its beautiful landscape. Traveling and backpacking was remarkable because it's really long and tiring, but you will be rewarded with a picture perfect and breathtaking place. Please see photos below because  I am lacking descriptive words.