Mt. Cristobal | The Devils Mountain

Mt. Cristobal
Mt. Cristobal is known by its title: The Devils Mountain and that title made this mountain a superstar in the mountaineering world. It is always part of the list of the must Climb Mountains in the Philippines. This gem is situated in the beautiful province of Quezon. I can say, Cristobal is one of the tourist spots in the province. Photos below will describe how amazing this mountain is.

Mt. Cristobal
Batang Hamog Mountaineers Class picture before we started trekking, with our guide in yellow.

Mt. Banahaw
Vehicles can’t penetrate the ascending road up to the Montelibano House, so hikers need to walk on the concrete road. This road has amazing sceneries: beautiful sun flowers on the sides and coconut trees are standing high and tall. The wind is cool and fresh, and the ambiance in the village was amazingly relaxing.
Mt. Pico de Loro
 Dolores trail starts from the Montelibano house; the trail is ascending, covered with trees and grasses on the sides. Cristobal has clear and well-established trail but has fork trails and markers, while mosses and orchids are hanging on the tree branches – a sign that Cristobal still has a virgin forest.

Base Camp
Some parts of the trail have dried woods lying across the trail, so hikers need to hop on/off, bend, and slide. The trail of Mt. Cristobal also has cliff hanging and assault that needs more energy and physical strength.

Some said that Mt. Cristobal is a dormant volcano and it has a wide lake on top – that is true! This lake is surrounded by huge trees and covered with grass. If the weather is not fine, this lake is covered with fog and the water is getting higher, crossing is not recommended. The water in the lake is not safe drinking and cooking.

Water Proof Jacket
Image above was taken at the Bulwagan Saddle Camp, of course it’s me wearing my jacket because it was raining hard and the wind was strong and cold. Saddle camp is a long and open area surrounded by trees, shrubs, and grass. This area has a lot of horror stories to tell; that’s why the title Devils’ Mountain was given.

Mountains for Beginners
The summit is a 15 minutes’ walk from the camp site. It is a small open area, surrounded by sugar cane like grasses. Hikers need to walk on the trail passing through the huge grass. It’s very seldom that this area will have clearing because as what you can see on the photo above, it is covered with fog and the wind is strong and cold.

Salomon Shoes
Photo above was taken at the summit, during our Mt. Cristobal Dolores trail traverse to Tayak Hill. The trail was so challenging because of its slippery and muddy trail. In descending, we were grasping and holding on the branches and grasses. 

In general, Mt. Cistobal is a must climb mountain in the Philippines. I would recommend this mountain to first time hiker, as long as you have regular physical exercises and no health problems. Be prepared with the unpredictable weather condition. Rain gears are recommended.

How to Get Here | On EDSA Ortigas, we rode in a bus bound for San Pablo and alighted in stop light, near 7-11. Chartered a jeepney to the jump off.