Trekking and Caving on Mt. Manalmon

Mt. Manalmon
At the office, we were talking about child stars of the 80’s and Google brought us to Julie Vega and mysterious stories behind her death. One of these reasons is the strange paranormal encounter while shooting for a movie. So, we searched online and it brought us to the said shooting location – Manalmon in Bulacan. Looked on Google Images and we found this place interesting.

Tourist Spots in Bulacan
Mt. Manalmon is one of tourist spots in Bulacan that showcases the gorgeous surroundings with a combination of trekking, river crossing, and caving. There are few mystical stories connected to this mountain, but regardless of those, it's an amazing place to visit. Starting by the adventure in crossing the river.

After getting off the tricycle, I easily noticed a cable wire tied on a boulder and tree on the other side. I was shocked because there was a boy walking on the wire, crossing the river and I thought it was a show, but I was wrong – it’s the most thrilling part of trekking Mt. Manalmon.

San Miguel Church
Our first destination was San Miguel Cave. According to our guide, this cave was named after discovering a golden statuette of St. Miguel on the elevated point of the cave (exact spot of the statuette on the photo above). The original golden statuette was brought to San Miguel Church, in Bulacan.

Mt. Daraitan
The province of Bulacan has the biggest marble reserve in the Philippines, Romblon is the second, so huge limestone boulder can be found everywhere.  Photo above is very similar to Mt. Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal.

Madlum river

Mt. Manalmon

Tinipak River
 Aside from hopping on and off the boulders, Mt. Manalmon also has few river crossing and it was not easy because the stone and boulders covered with algae and really slippery.

Julie Vega

Mt. Gola
A mountain view of Mt. Gola, from afar

 the Mulawin Tree

Julie Vega
 And this is Alwina

Madlum Cave

Tourist Spots in Bulacan

Tourist Spots in Romblon

Batang Hamog


Bahay Paniki Cave

Mt. Manalmon
Photos above were captured while inside we were in the cave. It was tough! There were hopping on and off the boulders, rock climbing and scrambling, roped segment and climbing up using a ladder. Inside the cave are stalactites, stalagmites and column in different forms and colors.

Batang Hamog
 Here we are, with the Batang Hamog Pipz

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How to Get Here | At Five Star Bus Terminal, along EDSA, we rode in a bus bound for San Miguel, Bulacan and alighted in Camias (beside Total Gas Station). We chartered a tricycle to the jump off of Mt. Manalmon.