Mt. Manalmon, Bulacan

Mt. Manalmon
If you're looking for a super friendly hike, Mt. Manalmon, can give you a great experience. The trails are simple, there's a relaxing ambiance on the summit, has a gorgeous landscape and the rock formations are picture perfect. Experience the extreme by hopping from one cave to another. There are other outdoor activities that you can try courtesy of the local government and tourism of Bulacan.

After getting off the tricycle, I easily noticed a cable wire tied on a boulder from end to end. I was shocked because there was a boy walking on the wire from one side to another, crossing the river, and I thought it was a show. I was wrong, it was just the first and the most thrilling part of trekking Mt. Manalmon.

THE TRAILS OF MT. MANALMON: As mentioned above, this mountain has a simple trail type. The trails are well established but the terrains has a combination of hopping on and off the boulders and has a few river crossing. The area is surrounded by greens, so entire hiking journey is relaxing. The area is very calming maybe because of the sound of the wind and the rushing water, plus the birds singing their lullabies.

THE SAN MIGUEL CAVE: Our first destination prior trekking. This cave was named after St. Miguel. According to our guide, there was a golden statuette of St. Miguel discovered inside. Today, on the elevated point of the cave (exact spot of the statuette), a photo of St. Miguel can be found. The name of the municipality was also after him.

After trekking, we proceeded to the other caves, not far from San Miguel Cave. It was tough! There were a lot of hopping on and off the boulders, rock climbing and scrambling, roped segment and climbing up on a ladder. Inside the cave are beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and column in different forms and colors.

HOW TO GET TO MT. MANALMON: At Five Star Bus Terminal, along EDSA Cubao, we rode in a bus bound for San Miguel, Bulacan and alighted in Camias (beside Total Gas Station). Then, we chartered a tricycle to the jump off of Mt. Manalmon.

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