The Difficult Trail of Mt. Binacayan

Mt. Binacayan
Mt. Binacayan is beside Mt. Pamitinan; these two mountains are separated by Wawa Dam. But according to the legends, these mountains were separated by Bernardo Carpio. Hhmm, sounds interesting, right? But let’s go to the fact. Binacayan is one of the mountains in Rodriguez, Rizal. It is small but the trails are terrible. 

Haponang Banoi Banoy
First part was walking on the trail passing by the resident’s houses and some farmlands. The trail is easy to moderate. The terrain is surrounded by plants, like bananas, flowers and vegetables owned by the locals. There were open areas, so during dry season bringing umbrellas advisable. Another thing, regarding the soil, it’s muddy if it’s wet and dusty when it’s dry.

Trail Mt. Pamitinan

Tourist Spots in Rizal

Spelunking in Rizal

Mt. Marami
Photos above are the reason why I said: “the trails are terrible.” The trail of Mt. Binacayan is moderate to hard type, especially those trails with rock scrambling. Using globes is recommended since the edges of the boulders are really sharp. Also, rock climbing ability is needed for some of the parts. After the challenging climb, once you reached the summit, your soared muscles will be relaxed. The wind is cool and surrounded by gorgeous sceneries. Of course, the amazing 360 degrees view of Rizal. Photos below were captured on the summit.

Mt. Pico de Loro

Mountains in Rizal

Mt. Binacayan

Mt. Sipit Ulang
It’s me, with Wawa Dam and river on the background.

Batang Hamog
Proud to be a member of Batang Hamog Mountaineers

After the relaxing scene on the summit, it’s time to descent. This part is another challenge for the hikers. Gravity will pull you down. Ito lang ang masasabi ko: “Mag-ingat kayo, mahirap ma-fall, lalo-lalong kung nag-eexpect na may sasalo sayo, pero wala pala. An sakit-sakit!”

Rodriguez Rizal

Wawa Dam
Aside from Bernardo Carpio’s folklore in the area; Rodriguez, Rizal is also famous for its huge limestone boulders. These limestones come in different shapes and figures which are really picture perfect on the background. Wawa Dam also gives an extra flavor to the tourists and visitors. Initially, this Dam was created by the American soldiers to harness hydro-thermal energy and supply water to the Metro. Today, Wawa Dam provides cool water that replenishes tired muscles this summer season.

How to Get Here | Beside Jollibee Farmers, in Cubao, you can ride in an FX to Eastwood. In Eastwood, ride in a tricycle to Wawa Dam. Reminder: Entrance and Guide fees are to be collected at the DENR.

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