Mt. Mabilog and Pandin Lake

mt mabilog
Mt. Mabilog is situated in the Laguna. This mountain measures 441 MASL and serves as the boundary of the towns of San Pablo and Nagcarlan, Laguna. This mountain lies and surrounded by the legendary lakes, which adds an amazing views from the summit. This mountain is smaller than the Mounts Banahaw and Cristobal, but contains gorgeous background. It’s part of our Batang Hamog Climb for the Independence 2014.

Mt. Mabilog and the Seven Lakes in Laguna: Hiking Guide

2019 mt mabilog itinerary
Photo above was taken when we were preparing after getting off the jeepney. This is a parking area for visitors who want to visit Pandin Lake; it is wide and open beside the highway. Then, a pathway going to Lake.  Pathways are constructed by the residents houses.

2019 pandin lake
We arrived at Pandin Lake at around 3:40 PM. From afar, the water of Pandin Lake is like a mirror with the reflection of the sky. The area is surrounded by trees, coconut and other plants; perfect for relaxation. The ambiance calm while the air is fresh and cool - everything is so pristine and clean. We spent a few hours here including our lunch break. Reminders in Pandin Lake: wash rooms are available, accessories, foods and souvenirs are also for sale.

pandin lake itinerary 2019

pandin lake travel guide

The Trails to Pandin Lake and to the summit of Mt. Mabilog:

We left Pandin Lake at 4:37 PM and started trekking. The trail class of Mt. Mabilog is 2/9, so it is perfect for a more relaxed hiking experience. First part is a well-established terrain that serves as the trail of the locals and their horses to transport local products.

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trails of mt mabilog

mt susong dalaga
The campsite of Mt. Mabilog serves as the summit which is a wide area that can accommodate several tents. It also has a perfect view of Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal from afar. The summit of these two giant mountains are hiding on the clouds. The lakes are like mirror with a gorgeous reflection of the sun set. The wind is fresh, cool and relaxing.

Upon reaching the summit of Mt. Mabilog, had a few minutes rest, started pitching our tents while the others were preparing our sumptuous dinner. We camped overnight with the same old routine: a lot of stories and surprises. By the way, we welcomed our friends from Israel with happiness. We also celebrated Ginger's  birthday at 12 mid night. I think it was already 3 AM when we had our lights off.

mt romelo 2019
Cows, horses and goats spread in the area, so expect for animal poops. Insect repellent  lotions are advisable because during our overnight stay, I got insect and ant bites on my skin. There were dogs visiting the summit, so make sure that your leftover are stored properly.  Remember the “Leave No Trace” attitude.

lake pandin 2019
I slept for only two hours then woke up at around five thirty in the morning. Prepared our breakfast and started descent to Pandin Lake. Had an hour break by the lake. This time we were able to blend with the locals and discover their culture. The proceeded to our next destination Bunga Falls.

bunga falls 2019

falls in laguna
We arrived at Bunga Falls at around twelve thirty in the afternoon. The areas was cool, has fresh air, the rock formations were totally amazing. The area was not crowded. It is surrounded by trees that gives a relaxing feeling. It’s not yet the end of our adventure, when we’re all done fixing ourselves we headed back to Bunga falls parking area and proceeded to our last destination. Travel guide and itinerary are uploaded here: Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.
nagcarlan underground cemetery
From Bunga falls, it was almost an hour travel to Nagcarlan. It was almost sunset and the caretaker was about to close the gate when we arrived but we talked to him if we can still enter. When he said YES, we hurriedly entered the gate, registered and entered the underground cemetery. Museum Policy applies. More photos and its history, click here: Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. After this, we proceeded to San Pablo, Laguna Stop Light. Waited for bus bound for Manila.

How to Get to Mt. Mabilog and list of cheap hotels in Laguna will be available soon!