Buntot Palos Falls, the Hidden Falls in Laguna

Buntos Palos
As I've been telling on my Laguna posts, this province has a lot to offer. Today, I am bringing you to one of the majestic waterfalls of Laguna. Buntot Palos Falls, others call it "the hidden falls," is the grandest waterfalls in Southern Luzon as it stands 80 meters with a high amount of water falling. It's name literally translates to "Eel's Tail" in English because, according to our guide, the trails to the falls is a long, curvy and slippery, similar to Eels's body or Palos in Filipino. Did you know that it has a hidden feature? It is a cave beneath the water falls, so passing through the water is needed.

Hiking & Camping Guide, How to Get Here, and Other Things You Need to Know.

The Trails | Things to Remember

As mentioned above, the trail is long and has a lot of left and right turns; a two to three hours hike. The terrain is a forested area, so the combination of trees, coconuts, bananas and other fruit bearing trees are perfect. In addition to the greens, there are artistic rock formation that are picture perfect which also add a more extreme hiking experience. If you want a more more more extreme experience, hike during rainy season, Buntot Palos has a deep muddy trails, but has more water falling.

The Campsite | Surrounded by the Woods

There are selected campsites, a few meter away from the falls. Though the ground is uneven, the area is covered with tall and hardwood trees which creates a relaxing ambiance. The area can make your day a lazy day because of the birds lullabies while the cold and fresh wind blowing. This hidden water falls in definitely a must visit destinations in Laguna.

How to Get Here | Our Travel to Laguna

From Cubao, or the integraded terminals, you can take a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna. In Sta. Cruz, ride in a jeepney bound for Siniloan and alight in Brgy. Balian. Or, in Robinson's Junction in Cainta, or Tanay Public Market, there are Siniloan bound jeepneys.