Mt. Romelo and Buruwisan Falls: Laguna

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The province of Laguna is lying and is part of the southern Luzon region. This province, together with Batangas and Cavite, is one of the centers for mountaineering because of its gorgeous flora and fauna; like Mt. Romelo which is situated in Siniloan, Laguna. This mountain bears a lot in terms of natural beauty and greatness. Let’s start with the amazing and cool ambiance, refreshing green surroundings, fresh air, and the fantastic lashing waterfalls. 

Mt. Romelo and Buruwisan Falls travel guide and itinerary:

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Before getting on the trails of Mt. Romelo and Buruwisan falls, crossing a calm river is necessary

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The Trails of Mt. Romelo and Buruwisan Falls:

The terrain of Mt. Romelo is a long, grassy but simple to moderate, however, its slippery and muddy because it serve as a trail for the hikers and locals with their animals such as horses and carabaos to transport products from the mountain (like fruits and vegetables). There are fork trails, so if lost, you can ask the locals for the right way. Its trail type got a 2 rating out of 9 in terms of difficulty.

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Special Feature | If you’re looking for place to relax your muscles, swim on a cool water, beautiful waterfalls, and with a photo perfect background, this is the perfect spot for you. If you are also looking for an extreme experience, you can try canyoneering, wall climbing and rappelling on the 180 feet Buruwisan Falls and Lanzones Falls  located a few meters away from the camp site.

mt romelo 2019
This photo describes the sticky and muddy terrain of Mt. Romelo.
The campsite of Mt. Romelo is a wide, clean area near the relaxing river and the waterfalls. The sounds of the lashing water gives a relaxing feeling while resting inside the tent.

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Since the weather was not good when we left the camp site, as expected the current of the water by river to the jump off was strong; a bit challenging but easy to overcome by sharing our hands to others.

How to Get to Mt. Romelo and Buruwisan Falls:

How to Get Here | We chartered a van going to the Public Market in Famy, Laguna. Rode in a tricycle going to the jump off. Same area, we rode in a van going back to the Metro.