Top Summer Destinations in the Philippines

2019 Boracay Island
Today, just noticed that the weather is changing, from the cool air to a warm humid air - this is a proof that summer is coming. Now, I listed some of the must visit summer destinations in the Philippines. First is the world famous Boracay Island. It is one of the best beaches in the world, that’s according to the travel agencies, websites, blogs, magazines and other people’s reviews and I can say “yes it is one of the best!.” The fine, white sand on the shoreline can be compared to a baby powder.  The pristine, crystalline water is really adorable, as it serves as a mirror of the blue skies. More photos here: Boracay Island

Top Summer destinations in the Philippines:

Best Lechon Kawali | Cainta

Best Lechon Kawali
Best Lechon Kawali
Eating pork is not a priority for me, due to health and religious purposes; I still prefer fish, chicken and beef deli. But almost a year ago, I and my friends discovered a restaurant at the back side of a wet market in Cainta, Rizal, who serves lechon kawali that we can’t resist.  As in, we’re here daily!

Jaro Cathedral | Ilo-Ilo City

2019 Jaro Cathedral

Tourist Spots and Destinations in Iloilo

Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral is another example of the historical baroque architectures in the country. Built in 1864 by the order of Mariano Cuartero, who is the first bishop of Jaro. In 1948, this structure was destroyed by earthquake and was restored in 1956 by the order of the first archbishop Jose Ma. Cuenco.

San Diego Church | Silay City

San Diego Church
San Diego Pro-cathedral formerly known as San Diego Parish Church or St. Didacus Parish Church before, it was declared as a pro-cathedral in 1994. It is the only church in Silay City that features a dome which is like St. Peters in Vatican City. 

Balay Negrense | Silay City

2019 Balay Negrense

Balay Negrense is the top tourist spots and destinations in Silay City:

Balay Negrense is just one of the century old houses along Cinco de Noviembre Street, Silay City. This street is remarkable because of the historical value that transpires to the people. Balay Negrense is a Hiligaynon phrase which means: Negrense refers to the people living in the province of Negros and Balay or a House.

San Agustin Church | Intramuros

2019 San Agustin Church

The History of San Agustin Church, Manila:

San Agustin Church which is considered as the oldest church in the Philippines. Recognized by the NCCA and UNESCO historical landmark. Like the other old churches in the Philippines, this church faced several natural disasters like earthquakes and was burned several times. The very first structure of San Agustin Church was built in 1571 and was made of nipa and bamboo but was destroyed by fire during the invasion of Limahong, a Chinese pirate, in 1574. The same spot, a new structure was built and was made of wood. In 1586, a new structure made of adobe stone was constructed, lead by the Augustinians.

Manila Cathedral | Intramuros

2019 Manila Cathedral

The history of Manila Cathedral:

Manila Cathedral or the Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica is situated in the district of Intramuros in Manila. Originally, this church was the "Church of Manila" which was established and under the management of the Diocese of Mexico in 1571, but later in 1579 it became a separate diocese.

San Sebastian Church | Manila

San Sebastian Church
San Sebastian Church or Basilica Minore de San Sebastian is a Minor Basilica in the City of Manila. The very first structure of this church is situated on a land donated by Don Bernardino Castillo, a devotee of Saint Sebastian, in 1621. It was made up of wood, but was burned in 1651. So it was then replaced by a structure made of bricks but was destroyed again by fire and earthquakes.

Quiapo Church | Manila

Quiapo Church
I can say, one of the famous Catholic churches in the country is the Quiapo Church or the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, canonically known as Saint John the Baptist Parish. It is famous because I always see it on TV during the parade of the said miraculous “Black Nazarene.”

Sta. Cruz Church | Manila

Sta. Cruz Church
Another famous church that can be found in the city of Manila is Sta. Cruz Church, of course in Sta. Cruz which is situated in the Northern part of the city. It is said that the original structure of this church was built on the same area where the latest structure was built. This church was constructed by the members of the “Society of Jesus” or known as the Jesuits in 1608 up to 1768. It is the first Roman Catholic Church built in this area. Its structure is made up of blocks of adobe quarried from the nearby provinces. It was dedicated for the newly converted Chinese who lives in Manila, like Binondo Church.

Cinco de Noviembre | Silay City

Cinco de Noviembre
Cinco de Noviembre is a small landmark in Silay City that played a huge part during the revolution. It served as the drugstore and a hideout where Negrense Revolutionaries secretly helped plan the revolution against the Spanish Colonial Forces on November 5, 1898. This is the perfect location where Negros Republic was created.

Binondo Church | Manila

2019 Binondo Church Manila
One of the famous districts in Manila is Binondo, it is also known because of the Filipino-Chinese communities in the area. Since this district is said to be one of the centers of the trade and industries centuries ago and even today, some Chinese businessmen were converted to Christianity during the Spanish era, so this church was established in the area in 1587 by the Dominicans for them.

Tourist Spots and Destinations in Manila:

Malate Church | Manila

2019 Malate Church Manila
Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church or Nuestra SeƱora de los Remedios or locally known as the Malate Church is located in Malate, Manila. When I saw the facade from afar and while crossing the street near Plaza Sulayman, I was really amazed because of its architectural design and the dark color. It looks like really old and here’s what I found.

Malate Church, Tourist Spots and Destinations in Manila:

Sta. Ana Church | Manila

2019 Sta. Ana Church, Manila

The History of Sta. Ana Church, Manila:

Sta. Ana Church was established 300 years ago. The cornerstone was laid in 1720. Sta. Ana is also one of the churches spared by World War II, so most of what you see today, including the Camarin de la Virgen, was what church goers saw hundreds years ago.

Guadalupe Church | Makati City

2019 Guadalupe Church Makati City

The History of Guadalupe Church, Makati City:

Guadalupe Church is a 400 years old structure with an amazing facade. Founded by the Augustinians, the construction of its foundation was laid in 1601 and was finished in 1629. Some parts of this church were rebuilt several times because of the earthquakes; and in 1880 the masonry roof collapsed because of the earthquake so it was rebuilt in 1882 by Rev. Jose Corujedo O.S.A. Later, this structure was burnt during the fight between Filipinos and Americans on February 1899. It was reconstructed and re-opened to the public in 1983.

Calle Crisologo | Vigan City

2019 Vigan City travel guide and itinerary

Vigan City is the top tourist spots and destinations in Ilocos Sur

Calle Cristolo or Mena Crisologo  Street is name after Mena Pecson Crisologo who is the most respected sons of Ilocos.  He actually wrote Mining wenno Ayat ti Kararwa which is compared to Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere; he is also the author of Don Calixtofaro de la Kota Caballero de la Luna and Codigo Municipal.

Marcos Ancestral House

Marcos Ancestral House
First thing that captured my eyes when I entered the house was: on the right side of the ground floor, there's the old wooden stair case, covered with red carpet. On the left side, the presidential table, with three arm chairs.  Then, the management provided mono-block chairs in front of the wide screen showing the history of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.  Then, the whole second floor is divided into different panels, please see the photos below.

Bulacan Travel Guide

2019 Bulacan travel guide and itinerary
In Philippine history, the province of Bulacan is one of those places that contains a lot of stories. This place is just few hours of travel from Metro Manila. Backpacking, with a friend, is so simple yet remarkable. People in the province are so accommodating and local delicacies are sumptuous to eat.

Tourists Spots and Destinations in Bulacan:

Paoay Church | UNESCO World Heritage Site

2019 Paoay Church
Paoay Church is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in the Philippines. The structure is made up of baked bricks, coral rocks, tree sap and solid lumber.  The 24 buttresses were also placed on each side of the church for support and those are the reason why it is still standing after the quakes in 17th century up to this generation.

Bangui Windmills: Travel Guide

Bangui Windmills

How to Get to Bangui Windmills: Bangui Travel Guide

Bangui Wind Farm is the place that converts wind energy into electrical energy which is situated in Bangui, Ilocos Norte.  This wind farm has 20 units of 70-meter high wind turbines, stretching along 9 kilometers shoreline of Bangui and is facing the South China Sea.  Each of the turbines are 326 meters apart from each other. 

How to Get to Bangui Windmills:

Tourist Spots in Ilocos Norte:

On the shoreline of Bangui, where the turbines are located, you can see the view of the hills and ranges nearby.  The coastline actually has a gray sand and clear waters.  The souvenir shops were built few meters from the shoreline.  There were key chains, basi, t-shirts and other items sold in every shops.  More Photos >>>

What to Visit in Ilocos

2019 Tourist spots and destinations in Ilocos Norte

Tourist Spots and Destinations in Ilocos Sur and Norte:

Since I am an avid fan of the Marcos'es, traveling to their hometown, Ilocos, is one of my bucket list. This province has everything to offer, from its history, politics, and tourist attractions. What to visit and what to do? Check our photos below:

Old Churches in Metro Manila | Historical Visita Iglesia

2019 Visita Iglesia
 This day is so special and really productive, because it’s my first time to do a day tour using the public transportation in different parts of Metro Manila. Together with Ate Bing, we were able to reach 9 Century Old Churches in Metro Manila. Check our destinations below: