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Best Travel Blog in the Philippines

Mission: Sirang Lente, one of the Best Travel Blogs in the Philippines

Meym Dharzie, thirty-ish, Romblon! Previous part-time movie extra and full-time in BPO. I love historical sites, nature and outdoor activities like hiking and camping. At home, watching documentaries and Korean Dramas are my interests.

Why Sirang Lente?

Sirang Lente is a Filipino word which means “a defective lens,” pertaining to my camera lens. I know you’re thinking why I'm writing and proud having such a defective lens, correct? Here’s the reason: it was in 2012 when I started hiking and backpacking. That time, I don’t have anything expensive, like DSLR cameras, to capture high quality photos or even a knowledge in photo editing. What I have were old 5 megapixel Digital camera and a smart phone with 3.2 megapixel camera. They both have cracks on the LCD so I was thinking that they have defective lenses, but upon transferring the photographs to my laptop, images were beautiful. That's when I realized that there could be beauty in defects, it all depends in perspective.
Best Travel Blog Philippines
I created this blog to list down the beautiful tourist attractions, tourist spots, tourist destinations in all the provinces I visited, upload great photos (must be raw and may not be in high quality) and tell my stories. I may not have perfect grammar but I do believe that: “learning is constant and practice makes permanent!”

For travelers, like me, Social Media is now considered as one of the must haves. Social media platforms, such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and many other social media sites and apps are best and simplest way to share your stories, travel itinerary and gorgeous photos to others. They are also being used to promote and inspire others to do the same.

Quirino Top 5 Best Places to Visit + Travel Guide

Quirino tourist spots
Quirino is the 81st of 82 provinces in the Philippines I’ve visited. Despite the fact that the province has 6 municipalities, it offers a lot when it comes to nature’s beauty and adventure. Since it’s land-locked, some of the best things to do are spelunk to discover the stunning minerals inside the caves, get wet on the crystal clear waters by river tubing, enjoy the beauty of majestic waterfalls, and taste their local delicacies. CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY VIDEO

Top 5 Best Bicolano Dishes (Authentic Recipes)

1. Laing

When we visited Caramoan islands in Camarines Sur, tasting their very own and authentic dishes as part of our itinerary. I am not a chef or a cook but according to some friends, I have good and active taste buds. Taray diba??? For the first time I will be a food critic. First is the famous Laing. This is a spicy dish with dried taro leaves, siling labuyo, and coconut milk as the main ingredients. There's a linamanam factor and the texture is smooth inside my mouth.


Best Korean Ramyun
BER months are almost here, meaning holiday is coming to town. Since it's holiday, I will be now posting foods on Sirang Lente, starting with the famous Ramyun. I was influenced by the Korean dramas I've watched, from Descendants of the Sun, Doctors, W, Cinderella and the Four Knights and many more. Kimchi, Korean noodles and Soju are always part of their eating and drinking scenes, so I tried this.

Balaw-Balaw Restaurant + Art Gallery

Balaw Balaw Restaurant
I am not into cooking, but I love eating! One thing that I would like to share was an amazing encounter with exotic foods at Balaw Balaw Restaurant in Angono, Rizal. So, after enjoying the famous Higantes Festival, while our clothes are wet, we headed to this specialty restaurant, which is one of the prominent restaurants outside Metro Manila. I consider it as one of the must visit, best place to dine, and the best restaurants serving exotic foods.

Buchiron or Bucheron | A Must Try Deli in Bulacan

It’s very seldom that I feature and include foods here on my blog; very obvious and self explanatory – SIRANG LENTE referring to a camera lens, this blog showcases gorgeous and amazing photos captured everywhere. But one thing that I consider is: “why not capture the moments while eating, isn’t it gorgeous? Seeing people loving and enjoying while eating is such a remarkable moment.”

Best Lechon Kawali

The Best Lechon Kawali in Cainta, Rizal. Eating pork is not a priority for me, due to health and religious purposes; I still prefer fish, chicken and beef deli. But almost a year ago, I and my friends discovered a restaurant at the back side of a wet market in Cainta, Rizal, which serves lechon kawali that we can’t resist. As in, we’re here daily!

Maginhawa Food Festival | Quezon City

Maginhawa Food Festival is one of the most awaited events in Quezon City.