Malate Church
Malate Church or the Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church or Nuestra SeƱora de los Remedios is situated in Malate, Manila. When I saw the facade from afar and while crossing the street near Plaza Sulayman, I was really amazed because of its architectural design and the dark color. It looks like really old and here’s what I found.

When the British landed on the shores of Manila in 1762, they used this church as one of their headquarters. Because of its topography, the structure was damaged and rebuilt several times due to natural calamities like earthquake and typhoons. During the battle in World War II, this church was destroyed by fire. 

The facade of this church is made of stones and has the usual Baroque designs with arches and columns. Unlike other churches in the country, Malate church doesn’t have any bell tower but the cross on the top of the facade is looks amazing. This church fronted by Plaza Rajah Sulayman and the famous Manila bay. Almost every corner of the streets, there are horses with their calesas where tourists can experience calesa tour ride. An open area or the plaza can also be found just across the street.

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