Sta. Cruz Church, Manila

Sta. Cruz Church
Sta. Cruz Church or Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church, is situated in the Northern part of the city of Manila. It is said that the original structure of this church was built on the same area where the latest structure was built. This church was constructed by the members of the “Society of Jesus” or known as the Jesuits in 1608 up to 1768. It is the first Roman Catholic Church built in this area. Its structure is made up of blocks of adobe quarried from the nearby provinces. It was dedicated for the newly converted Chinese who lives in Manila, like Binondo Church.

the fountain in front of Sta. Cruz Church

In 1643, this church houses the image of Nuestra SeƱora del Pillar (Our Lady of the Pillar) brought from Zaragoza, Spain. The old structure was destroyed during World War II and replaced by the present structure in 1957. This present structure has a Baroque influences and the interior of this church is modernized. The front is covered with peach colored marble that contrasts the white background.

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