Aeta | Tribes in the Philippines

Aeta Tribes are the indigenous people spread in the  mountainous areas of Luzon, Philippines. According to "These people are considered to be Negritos,  whose skin ranges from dark to very dark brown, and  possessing features such as a small stature and frame; hair  of a curly to kinky texture and a higher frequency of naturally  lighter color (blondism) relative to the general population;  small nose; and dark brown eyes. They are thought to be  among the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines, preceding  the Austronesian migrations.

Darwin Dalisay
It's me, with some of the Pag-asa ng Bahay.

Batang Hamog
During our visit, with Batang Hamog Mountaineerswe were  able to meet these amazing people.  We were able to talk  about their culture and beliefs. We were also able to  experience the beauty of their village. Then, we gave out  school supplies, like notebooks, pens, pencils, pad papers  and etc. Every year, during our Anniversary, we usually  solicit these stuff and give to less fortunate Filipinos.