Mission | To Be the Best Travel Blogger

Photo above: Boracay Island - I am not a pro in photography, my memory is not enough for the wide history, and I don’t have money to travel around the world. But, I will do everything to learn and to be one of the best travel bloggers in the world. I learned a lot when I was still developing TravellingCup, my very first travel blog. This knowledge will be used for developing Sirang Lente to provide details about travel. I will not stop learning, because I do believe that learning is constant.

Talicud Island, Samal

I have three main contents in this blog; first would be – the Gorgeous spots. The Philippines is composed of 7, 107 islands and each island has its unique beauty that I can be proud of. It is an archipelago, meaning it is divided and surrounded by water and gorgeous coastal areas. These coastal areas are the primary sources for the livelihood of the Filipinos. From a simple fishing areas, some were already converted to a private resorts and businesses. But still, majority of these gorgeous spots are still hidden and needs to be discovered – and that's my vision – to discover new places.

Mt. Matalingajan | Rizal, Palawan

Second – the Mountains. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, a lot of floras and faunas can be found and endemic here. Most of them are in the forest areas of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Majority of these richness are on the higher altitude; rain forests, mountains, and ranges. I do hiking because I want to be one of those fortunate people who sees and discovers the beauty in the middle of the wooded areas.

Rizal Park

The History – I have read a lot of books and articles online about the history of the Philippines, most of them started in 1521, the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in Visayas. Although, historians are working hard to dig on the ground, caves and other places just to gather evidences about the previous civilization on the archipelago. Regardless of religion and culture; ruins, old structures, and artifacts spread on some islands of the country – a proof that The Philippines has a rich civilization in the past. This generation, I traveled and will be traveling to historical and heritage sites across the country to see and touch the remembrance of the past civilization.