Mt. Ugo
Traversing Mount Ugo is a bit long because it is one of the giants in Luzon. Our traverse was a two-day hiking itinerary from Brgy. Kayapa, Nueva Vizacaya to Itogon, Benguet. The terrain has a relaxing and cool ambiance, surrounded by stunning greens. Ugo, others call it Mt. Ugu, bears colorful ornaments spread on the trails and hanging on the trees. Of course, there are birds singing their lullabies. Definitely one of the must visit attractions and destinations in Benguet.

THE TRAILS: This mountain has a very long trail to the summit. From your first step at Brgy. Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya to the summit is all uphill. It has a moderate, heavy trail and few meters assault to the campsite. It took us 9 hours and 30 minutes trek (including breaks and photo ops) from the jump off to the campsite.

THE CAMPSITE AND THE SUMMIT: There's a clean and wide grassland that serves as the campsite. The famous ‘dead tree‘ is still standing which gives a perfect backdrop on the background. On the other hand, the summit is a 15 to 20 minutes ascend from the campsite. Elevation: 2,150 MASL. The famous mark is still intact - the exact location where the plane crash happened a few years ago.

Mt. Ugo

DESCENT: After the long trail, the last part of our descent was walking on the pilapil of Benguet rice terraces. This area is comparable to Banaue Rice Terraces; the ambiance is cool, the air is fresh and surrounded by luscious green plants. The newly planted rice seedlings added an amazing art on the muddy ground.

REMINDER: Hiking Mt. Ugo traverse can be considered as a success if you were able to pass on the hanging bridge; this bridge connects the village to the highway. Tidy up at the store by the jump off area, already in Benguet. Departed and headed back to Baguio city, then Manila. 

HOW TO GET HERE: We rode in a Victory Liner bus bound for Santiago, Isabela but alighted in CCQ bus terminal, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. Then, we chartered a van to Brgy. Kayapa Public market in Nueva Vizcaya.

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