REVIEW | Best Sunblock

Best Sunblock
Night and day, we can easily feel that summer season just started. The temperature is getting hotter and hotter while approaching the month of April. According to studies, Global Warming is the reason why we are experiencing the sudden change with our climate. But anyways, since it’s summer and majority of us will be having our vacation, it is very important that we know the basics to protecting ourselves from different factors – one of which is the harmful sun’s Ultra Violet rays.

UV rays are harmful to our skin, as it can damage your skin and can be prone to skin cancer. Having said that, nowadays, a lot of products are out in the market to avoid and protect us from the damaging UV rays. It is a MUST to use sun protection, especially for the people, like me, who’s always outside. I tried six different brands in the market and now, I will be sharing three of the best sun blocks.

Dermplus Ultimate 130 Moisturizing Sunblock

 SPF 130 that provides longer sun’s UV protection

Moisturizes the skin while exposed to the sun

Dermatologist tested

One of the most economical brands.

Beach Hut
 Beach Hut Max 100++

 Proven Hypo-allergenic

 No greasy and dry feel

 SPF 100++

 Prevents skin darkening

 UVA/UVB Protection

 Sweat proof/waterproof

Belo Sunblock

 Infused with Cell Protect that strengthens the skin’s defence system

 SPF 60 for body and SPF 40 for the face




Paraben free

Fragrance free

Water resistant