BEST REGIMEN: Kalamansi for Pimples Marks

Removing Pimples
Pimples or acne on the face is one of the most common problems that teens and even other adults are facing. In my case, this problem started when I was twenty one years old and I thought it was a problem with my beauty regimen. Since pimple is usually caused by bacteria, I changed everything, including pillow cases and towels. Consulted 3 dermatologists, applied everything they suggested but still the same. For three years, I was singing: "mga tagyawat sa ilong, at sa pisngi, at sa noo, at sa batok, at sa baba......."

How to Remove Pimple Marks
I searched online and found out that physical activities resulting to sweating also helps opening the pores on the skin and releases the pimple causing bacteria. I think hiking helps me a lot to fight pimples or acne. After pimples, my problem now is How to Remove the Pimple Marks. I tried using commercial beauty products and it removes the marks and dark spots but also brings back pimples. My friend suggested to use calamansi extracts and YES it lightens the marks. listed some of the health benefits from calamansi juice: 1. Boosts collagen production, 2. Protects from common colds and flu, 3. Aids in weight loss, 4. Skin bleaching agent, 5. Prevents tooth decay, 6. Banishes body odor, 7. Eliminates dandruff.