Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral is the center of the Archdiocese of Cebu City.  It was established as a diocese on August 14, 1595 and became the metropolitan archdiocese on April, 28, 1934, with its first archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes. The construction of the structure was interrupted due to the lack of funds and other circumstances. The facade features a trefoil-shaped pediment decorated with floral carves.

This cathedral honors an ancient martyr, Saint Vitalis, whose feast day on April 28.  It is believed that the feast day of the Saint coincides with the same day that the image of Santo Nino de Cebu as found by one of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's men 450 years ago. Large part of the cathedral was destroyed during the second World Ward, but the facade, walls and the bell tower that was built in 1835 remained.  In 1950s, it was rebuilt by Architect Jose Ma. Zaragosa during the time of Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes.

This cathedral has a mausoleum at the back, built in 1982. It is the resting place for the remains of Cardinal Rosales (died three months after inauguration), Archbishop Manuel Salvador (coadjutor archbishop of Cebu), Mariano Gaviola (archbishop of Lipa) and the first Cebuano Bishop Juan Bautista Gorordo.  April 28, 2009 - the cathedral underwent into a major renovation during the 75th Anniversary of the archdiocese and then a petition was sent to Benedict XVI: The Pope Emeritus (Pope Benedict XVI that time).

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