Heritage of Cebu Monument

Heritage of Cebu Monument
Heritage of Cebu Monument is a historical landmark situated at the original Plaza Parian. It occupies a triangular portion near the end of Colon Street. This Monument showcases the significance and symbolic events in history of Cebu during the reign of Rajah Humabon. It was a work of art by the National Artist Edgardo Castrillo on July 1997 in cooperation with Mayor Alvin Garcia and was inaugurated in December 8, 2000.

The fund used for the construction of this gorgeous monument were donated by private individuals and organizations. The structure is like a compilations of Cebu's Heritage Sites like Basilica del Santo Nino, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Saint John the Baptist Church, Magellan's Cross and a Spanish Galleon.

The rear side of the monument, facing the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House.

According to The Freeman, during the excavation of the monument's foundation, some artifacts like skeletons, stone wares, plates and jars were dug out. So, those artifacts served as a proof that before the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan - the discoverer of the Philippines in 1521, the locals already developed their own civilizations.

This monument is surrounded by some commercial establishments and residential areas. Just few steps from the main entrance, the basketball court and Pari-an Fire Station, which is one of the oldest existing fire station in the country and the Chapel of San Juan Bautista can be found. This monument is very accessible and every Cebuanos knew about this place , so if you're going to this site alone, no need to worry about the right way. This site is just few steps from the oldest street in the Philippines: Colon Street.