Mt. Batulao, Batangas: Day Hike Guide, Difficulty, Location

I consider Mt. Batulao as one of the most climbed mountains in Southern Luzon because of the following: proximity from Manila, beautiful landscape, and cool and relaxing ambiance.  A two to three hours land travel from Manila, this mountain can reward you with a breathtaking and wide view of its green mountain slopes. You trek can be tiring but your tired muscles will be relaxed as the cool and refreshing wind blows. Since it's in Batangas, you can have a side trip in Tagaytay and have a sumptuous bulalo break.

Things you need to know before hiking Mt. Batulao.

THE TRAILS OF MT. BATULAO: This mountain has a simple to moderate trail. The first part is walking on the terrain passing by the village where the instagrammable farmlands from afar can be seen. These farmlands are also covered with colorful and blooming vegetables, pineapples and cultured flowers. The second part is a gradual trail to Camp 2. The third is a moderate to hard trail, with assault and roped segments, to the summit. Beside the trails are flowers, shrubs, grass, trees, bananas and other ornaments.

THE CAMPSITE: Camp 2 is the main camp site. The area is clean, open, wide, and well-organized. It is the perfect spot where you can see the summit and its beautiful slopes. Though the area is surrounded by trees and plants, you can still feel the cool and air blowing. Tents for rent and restrooms are available here. Entrance fees are to be collected.

THE ROPED SEGMENT: After Camp 2, is an ascent to the rope segment and to the summit. It is the spot where heavy traffic of hikers forms. Regardless if it's a traverse or not, as long as your point of origin is Camp 2, you will be passing on the roped segments. REMINDER: This part is called "the roped segment" because there's a rope that you can use to ascent or descent. You need to use the rope to control your balance to avoid accident. BAWAL PABIDA!!! Most of the time, on this part, the wind blows stronger because it's an open area.

THE  STUNNING VIEWS ON THE SUMMIT: On the summit, there's a 360 degrees view of the gorgeous slopes and the nearby mountain ranges. The wind is fresh, cool and the ambiance relaxing. Its surface is covered with green shrubs and trees, making it so pleasant in the eyes. The blue sky and the water create a perfect horizon with crystal bluish colors. REMINDER: LEAVE NO TRACE. NO VANDALISM on rocks and trees.

THE SIDE TRIP: After the tiring trek, it’s time to get our energy beack! The usual destination after hiking in Batangas is searching for a bulaluhan. By the highway of Ever Crest, we rode in a jeepney bound for Tagaytay and alighted in front of Bulalo Point in Crossing.

HOW TO GET HERE: At the Grand Terminal in Coastal, we rode in a bus to Batangas and alighted in Ever-crest, drivers and conductors already know this spot. Then, start trek.